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Name: Himeros
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About Me: My name is Jamie and I am a more modern type of witch. I am quite knowledgeable about magic, in the sense of theories of magic and how it works. I am a polytheist, meaning I believe in more than one god and goddesses. I see magic as a gray area, depending on the witch to make it dark or light. If you every need some assistance to find a spell with certain desired effects feel free to message me. My interest in the theory of magic and what resides behind each spell grants me a very extensive interest. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Magical Path: I am an eclectic witch meaning that I utilize magic from different cultures, traditions, and paths. As an eclectic witch I love to learn and use different spells from other paths to meet my individual needs. I like to gain knowledge from different paths, cultures, traditions, and beliefs surrounding magic. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ My Studies & Practices: ? Herbalism - Plants & Herbs ? Sympathetic Magic - Imitation ? Wards - Defense & Protection ? Weather Magic - Storms, Clouds, Wind, etc. ? Chaos Magic - Modern Magic