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Name: SadSophia
Birthday: Jan 9 2004
Location: Hell
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Apr 2018
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I'm pagan, deities i work with are: Amon Ra, Isis, Bast and Horus. I worship all Egyptian gods and goddesses to be honest The boy you punched in a hallway today. Committed suicide few minutes ago. The girl you called fat. She's starving herself. The girl you called a slut. She's a virgin. The boy laughed at cause he's crying. His mother is dying. The man you laughed at cause of the ugly scars. He fought for his country. You think you know them? Well guess what? You don't! Re-post this if you agree. A little bit about me: i love music, i love animals, i love meeting new friends and i love magic. Even though i really don't know magic. My favorite bands are: Creature Feature, Skillet and Three Days Grace. My favorite singers are: Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Sia, Katty Perry, Kesha and Lady Gaga. I'm straight my spirit animal: a fox element: earth horoscope sign: Capricorn favorite horror movies: Children Of The Corn (by Stephen King from 1984), Saw, Annabelle, Poltergeist, Interview With The Vampire and The Mummy Hobby: singing Want to be friends? Stephen King is my favorite writter I hope that we will get along my friends: Aybass1, stormbreaker, Apasias,cryingwolves,OkamiNeko19, dragon5607, luciferson66, Snow16 and Havannah are my friends, don't mess with them my favorite series are: Supernatural, Criminal Minds and Gotham favorite youtubers:Raara Kitsune, Markplier, Madame Macabre, Magic Video ( Serbian youtuber - i'm from Serbia) favorite songs: The Resistance, Whispers In The Dark, Undefeated, Feel Invcincible, Comatose, Not Gonna Die, Awake And Alive, Famous, Hero, Monster - Skillet Mama Forgive Me, Naughty Naughty, One Woman Army - Porcelain Black Bad Romance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bloody Mary, Applause - Lady Gaga Mad Hatter, Pity Party, Cry Baby, Sippy Cup, Dollhouse, Milk And Cookies - Melanie Martinez A Fate Worse Than Death, Such Horrible Things, The Greatest Show Unearthed, Six Foot Deep, American Gothic, The Netherworld, Spill Your Guts, Haunted, A Feast For The Worms, Buried Alive - Creature Feature Rainbow, The Greatest, Elastic Heart, Unstoppable, To Be Human - Sia Gasoline, Control, Hold Me Down, Castle - Halsey ~My name is Chris ~I am three, ~My eyes are swollen ~I cannot see, ~I must be stupid ~I must be bad, ~What else could have made ~My daddy so mad? ~I wish I were better ~I wish I weren't ugly, ~Then maybe my mommy ~Would still want to hug me. ~I can't do a wrong ~I can't speak at all ~Or else I'm locked up ~All day long. ~When Im awake Im all alone ~The house is dark ~My folks aren't home. ~When my mommy does come home ~I'll try and be nice, ~So maybe I'll just get ~One whipping tonight. ~I just heard a car ~My daddy is back ~From Charlie's bar. ~I hear him curse ~My name is called ~I press myself ~Against the wall. ~I try to hide ~From his evil eyes ~I'm so afraid now ~I'm starting to cry. ~He finds me weeping ~Calls me ugly words, ~He says it's my fault ~He suffers at work. ~He slaps and hits me ~And yells at me more, ~I finally get free ~And run to the door. ~He's already locked it ~And I start to bawl, ~He takes me and throws me ~Against the hard wall ~I fall to the floor ~With my bones nearly broken, ~And my daddy continues ~With more bad words spoken, ~''I'm sorry!? I scream" ~But it's now much too late. ~His face has been twisted ~Into an unimaginable shape. ~The hurt and the pain ~Again and again ~Oh please God, have mercy! ~Oh please let it end! ~And he finally stops ~And heads for the door ~While I lay there motionless ~Sprawled on the floor. ~My name is Chris ~I am three, ~Tonight my daddy ~Murdered me. -Post if you're against child abuse.