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Greetings! I have a passion for Kabbalah, but moreso than that, understanding spirituality and religion. I am looking for students, though I do have certain standards in place of course. I look to help grow my understanding and grow others understanding of the world faiths. I am Baha'i. Indigo children. Why do only some people claim to be an indigo child? If you train yourself, EVERYONE is an indigo child. If I have pre-emptively blocked you, it's because I think you're fluff, or I accidentally hurt myself looking at how edgy your profile is The one is expressed through the many. Lots of gods and goddesses are just expressions of attributes of God, meant to teach earlier people about something that is ultimately too complex to understand. I should really start keeping a list of edgelords... THE NEW INTERFACE IS SO UNATTRACTIVE! Bring back that beautiful, humbled look! I think that Manifestations like Kapila, Seth, Enoch, Orpheus, Zoroaster, Mahavira and Mani among many others definitely need more respect nowadays. It's a shame that these glorious people are being forgotten.