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Name: Stojance
Birthday: Sep 3 2000
Location: Macedonia Skopje
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 24 Apr 2019
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Name: Stojance Nickname: Stole/Maksy I've been on this site like a year and a half now Spirit animal: Wolf I Like: Running, Gaming, Helping and many more... I dont tell anyone my secrets only for those who I know i can put my life on them and wont betray me I've come to this site to search for answers and goes pretty good [the thing is a secret] Im interested in learning magic and i want to learn it i dont know anything about it but if you know someone who can teach me anything at all please send me a mail and i will reply to you thank you! also im friendly and serious and funny just i know how to act when the time is right *Finally i found myself what i am and accepted it in my way just mentioning i can be friendly but dont even think about hurting anyone i care about cuz its not going to end up well thank you and have a nice day/night :)