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Name: Damaged98
Birthday: Jul 14 1998
Location: Ohio, USA
Gender: Female
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Just some general information... Age: 19 Zodiac: Cancer Deadly Sin(s): I would say Wrath. Do not ask for my Kik, Facebook or whatever other social media you can think of. I only give that information out to a very select few people. Interests: Reading, writing, listening to music (preferably classic rock or alternative) and watching Supernatural. I tend to be quiet and a bit of a loner. Other: All you need to know is I do not appreciate fluff nonsense. Do not ask for me to perform or create a spell for you. That is not what I am here for. I will answer questions and offer advice but nothing more. Period. As an added note, if you mail me, please no "role play" and no one word messages either as I will normally not respond to those. Magic: I know the general methods to ward off evil spirits, protect yourself, and to keep away bad dreams/nightmares. Most of these methods are fairly common but I find them very effective and very easy. Magic (Continued): I would prefer to think that magic and all of its properties are very much real and very much misunderstood but please do not mail me claiming to be a werewolf or a vampire. I would sooner believe pigs can fly. If that offends you, I apologize. I understand that those legends stem from some kind of truth and are about 25% possible of being actual beings. Whereas with gods and spiritual beings, I believe in far too many to name. Note that these are my beliefs. I will not change them for anyone. Practices: - Crystal healing - Energy manipulation - Energy reading - Spiritual projection - Spiritual healing - Lucid dreaming - Nature harnessing (elements etc) - Warding - Greek mythologies and gods/goddesses - Runes/Sigils - Herbalism _______________________________________________________________________________ As an added note, if I come across as mean or rude in any way, it is not my intention and I apologize in advance. _______________________________________________________________________________ **I am currently dealing with issues that are taking up far too much of my energy, as well as work is becoming busier as the days pass. My time on here is extremely limited as of the last few weeks. If I do not respond to a mail within the first 24 hours, I will try to respond in the following 48 hours. Apologies in advance.*