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Name: Asterlon
Birthday: Mar 1997
Location: United States East Coast
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 25 Jun 2018
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The Red Dawn Rises The Throne Has Crumbled And The Past Is Forgotten. The Tides Have Changed And The New Dawn Rises. Move Foward And Beware, For Even We Do Not Know What Is To Come. The knowledge I have is something that I just know, not what I was taught. My strengths are astral projection, healing, and defense magic. Please note that these are very easy for me to do, but my way is incredibly difficult for anyone else. And when I say other people can’t do it I mean it. I can’t see mental images at all so I have otherways of doing it. That being said I am in need of eyes and ears for me in the spirit realms. It is becoming hard to discern what is truth and what fantasies I envision so I need someone to help me where I fall short. We will be allies and I shall help you with what you need.