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THE 10 RULES OF WHITE MAGIC: Note: All rules below may or may not be followed, even if you don't follow all the rules or none of the rules that still gives you a right to be in the path of white magic. I Use good magic on other people whenever you can, especially in their time of need. II Never use black magic, even if you're angry at someone. Remember, revenge just leads to more revenge, then you two are going back and forth! III When you enter a house, cast a protection spell to protect you and everyone else from any harm from the magical world. IV Try to mentor younger warlocks, witches, wizards, etc. The more you teach, the more white magics in the world. V Never, and I mean NEVER, use white magic for your own personal love life. Don't attract anyone with a love spell, that's not even real love! And really, most imporantly, NEVER use a sexual attraction spell! VI Be kind to others. Cast some GOOD spell on your friends, and none on your enemies (unless you want to, as long as their safe). Your friend might find $20 lying on the floor, and you enemy just sits there in agony wondering, "How the **** did they get a $20!?!" VII If anyone tries to mess with you or your family, murderwise or threatwise, just cast a bad luck spell or that painful cat ear spell; that'll leave them on the floor going, "AHHHH THE PAIN AHHHH!!" Plus, you didn't kill anybody. VIII Don't tell anybody about a spell you've casted for a whole 24 hour period (keep a stopwatch if you must). Then tell them what you've done and they'll (by they'll I mean your friend(s) or family) will probably hug you for casting a good luck spell on them or something. VIIII Using money spells isn't really needed unless in desperate need. Let's say your parents, or you, are/is going down in your/their career. Money spell, easier plus you save lives (buying food)! IX To be more helpful, cast a money spell on a homeless person, or on an orphanage. Also cast some good luck spells here and there. Also try casting a snow spell; no school = happy children (also, happy me!). X This is the most important rule of all... Never, and I mean NEVER, switch to red magic. Red magic is when you use your powers for death to others. Once you've killed a being with magic, you can never return to white magic; you kinda killed somebody! WITH MAGIC!! First off, you broke the law (of mortals), and secondly, you broke the law (of white magic). Don't switch. Stay to white magic, really. Grey magic? Meh, OK, come back anytime. Black magic? Er, kinda hard to come back from there, but fine. Switch to white magic today! If you don't, OK, continue on with whatever magic you're at. =3 But take serious consideration; think of how the world will be changed! ~* ABOUT ME *~ • I'm 13, but really, who cares? • I'm atheist • I'm creating my own religion (the Turrosakion Religion) • I'm immune to all insults thrown at me • I'm an online therapist • I'm TOTALLY random sometimes • I'm into White Magick because, and don't laugh at me, to change the world and make it better • I have 2 friends in real life whom are witches • I can be very intellectual and pleasant to talk to time to time • I have my own website, and in which we need more members • I'm a nerd • I do NOT do online dating • I'm straight • I know how to make advanced and beginner spells • I can be very helpful ~* F.A.Q. *~ Q: Do your spells work? A: If you'd like to see if they work, why not try them yourself? And alot of them take practice, so they won't work the first time every time. Q: I have this person I like, but they doesn't seem the same way towards me. What do I do? A: I can tell you what you SHOULDN'T do, use a love spell. Now I can tell you what you should do, take some time and get to know each other better. Love spells don't cast true love! Q: Why have you created your own religion? A: Mainly because I'm atheist, and I felt like I should reach out to all atheists and non-atheists, and give them a secondary religion. The Turrosakion Religion isn't a primary religion, oh no, it empowers your primary religion, enforcing it. So it's a secondary religion, though I'm working on the bible. Q: Why are you into white magick? A: I feel like I can make a difference in the world, by just simply saying incantations at the same time. Q: How many spells have you made? A: Quite a few; maybe over 20, if you include the "Hocus Pocus" spells, or the 2 or 3 worded spells, that makes over 50. The Hocus Pocus spells don't work, though; I just create them for fun. Q: What is "chakra"? A: And there are (I think) 7 types of chakra. Each one for a different use. The most common chakra towards witches is the Third Eye; ability to involve more into the paranormal activities than your average mortal/witch, sort of like a medium you could say. Q: How much meditation is required before you cast a spell? A: Meditation is optional actually. If your mind is fumbled and you're getting easily distracted, meditation is the key. When you meditate, your becoming in a less stressful, more relaxing state with a high sudden voltage of concentration. Also, it temporarily deletes frustration, anger, stress, and some other emotions that go towards anything unhealthy. Sometimes, SOMETIMES, you can feel a great power of knowledge. But if you're already relaxed, unstressed, and well concentrated, you don't need meditation. But if you're too happy or excited, it's best to do meditation there also; it also balances out happiness, because happiness and excitement can lead to distraction. But for the minimum time to meditate would have to be 15 minutes, maximum time would have to be 1 hour or so. I don't meditate that much, and many spells work for me. Got questions? Message me them! They might just land here. ~* MY QUOTES *~ "To love first, we must commit first." "Atheism isn't believing in the Devil, it isn't believing in another religion either. It's believing in whatever you want." "The first step to solving a problem would be saying that you have one." "The world is already ending... It's ending will start a new beginning." "When you begin the end, the end lasts for a lifetime." "Your body might die inside and out, but your soul stays alive, defining whom you were and what you could've been." "We all have one life. Use it." "Staying alive is when you are alive and when you want to be alive." "Death isn't the end of you; your soul will always stay alive." "Suicide only leads to dark days." "When you're ready, go for it." "When you fear fear itself, you fear everything that you see." ~* Friend List *~ Kyubi Fane Kylarochelle Gallen ~* THE TURROSAKION CLUB *~ **To join, message me the following application: I would like to join because... I am into ______ magick because... I like to... I'm __ years old. I would like to be called... Thanks for joining!** •MEMBERS• USERNAME || CLUB NAME Tails_T || Tails Turrosaki Kyubi || Yuki