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Hiya! My name is Kaelan. I have been practicing and researching for the past 6 years. I am not new to the site, but felt I needed a clean start. I am very kind however to be frank I will not tolerate idiotic behavior. I do not cast,make,or do anything spell related for others so don't ask. I am not in anyway looking for a relationship. I am always open to intellectual conversations that have depth and are not just a "hey/sup/hi". Areas I have experience in -spirit work -herbalism -meditation -divination -sex magic -curses,hexes -sigils -summoning and banishing -Greek deities -Roman deities Areas I'm researching -Egyptian dieties -Demonology -Crystals -Energy work -Astrology Now it's time for my favorite part! My hobbies. I absolutely love art. Reading is a huge pleasure of mine. Sewing is also a guilty pleasure haha. That about wraps this up. You all have a lovely day/night! Kik:kaelan_gomes Instagram:kaelan_a_gomes Snapchat:Gomes.kaelan