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Name: LunaMoonClaw
Location: Wolf Clan From the Moon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Apr 2016
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I Hello I am Luna I Love Wolves :# I enjoy taking quizzes Mora IS A LIAR I make spells and I am a council in Spell Casters I am NOT a fan of black magic. Me and my rl life fan made grey magic where you could do like bad luck revenges and stuff like eh kinda good eh eh bad. I hate Liars like Mora -.- -STILL UPDATING- My Element is Fire I can sense Magic I love Exploring I am a Wolf and Moon Goddess I am a level two spell caster I am a Aquarius I am very innocent I almost got killed by hunters. I have a bad side of me and a good side of me and a normal side I always discover new things Send me mail i love mail My Wolf Story is way too personal Some people look at me weirdly on how I eat meat I love Pigs meat onK ONK BRENABDBDHSWAS I am mostly preppy and fun and silly when I am a human But too calm and mysterious on my wolf side As you notice I haven't talked about my Moon goddess side Well it's almost like my wolf side but a little more mature Here's WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOU MEET A WOLF IN A MIDDLE OF A FOREST OR WOODS. 1. Do not randomly pet it like seriously o.e 2. Don't try giving it attention and its pack attention. HERES WHAT TO DO: Just gently put down some meat if you want. 2. Just walk calmly around wolves. BYE BYE