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Name: SilentSyren
Birthday: Sep 30 1993
Location: Dreadful Dungeon
Gender: Male
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Hello, I am:
Kalimera, I am just your average Euro-Polytheist (generally around the Mediterranean and Northern Europe). God bothered and proud. Straightforward in metaphysical practice. Aromatherapy, natural remedies, shiny rocks, sympathetic magick, spirit working, and whatnot. More aptly, an Unconventional Hellene & Hearth Witch. I am also married to a wonderful Heathen. With my best friend and elder sister being a Hindu.

My personal interests:
Psychology, philosophy, poetry, and history are things that keep my interest. I also like books, tea, music, cooking, gardening, and home decorating. I enjoy video games, board games, as well as tabletop games. Anime and horror movies are a must. I like writing almost as much as I do reading. I enjoy singing but am by no means a professional at it. Learning other languages and cultures are fun for me. Just something I do on the side, slowly.

Keep in mind:
All manner of service requests will be ignored. You are perfectly capable of learning divination and spellcraft yourself, just like everyone else. The same can be said for anything inarticulate or vapid. I consider myself very hospitable and friendly but I see no point in entertaining a conversation if it is based on selfishness or is going nowhere fast. So have a topic in mind or don't bother, please. Thank you, and kalispera!