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Name: Shadowdrago8
Birthday: Mar 5 1987
Location: Marshfield,WI
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I had one other account on here but I can't remember the info on it. I am the descendant of Merlyn,Power House of Wisconsin & a really nice guy.I'm 31 Yr's Old,6'2,215 pounds,Brown Eye's,Black Hair,I consider myself a Arcanic Warrior as my Path as a Pagan.I wield Both White & Black Magic & A Samurai Sword Named "Dracousamaru The Black Dragon Sword".My Pagan Name is Shadow Dragon.I Worship Odin,Thor,Dianna the Maiden,Selene the Mother,Hecate the Crone,& Freya the Nordic Moon Goddess of Prophecy.I am a Arcanic Warrior Without a Priestess to fallow,but hope to find 1 oneday to serve.My HOROSCOPE is a PISCES.My Birthday is March 5.