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Name: Lexiah
Birthday: Sep 28
Location: Ohio
Gender: Female
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Hello my name is Lexiah( pronounced lexe-ah). I study many different practices and I am always ready to learn new ones.I have been practicing magick for over eight years now and I am pretty knowledgeable about it. MY practices include but are not limited to: Tarot/Oracle cards(recently) Scrying Necromancy Runes Herbalism Energy work And premonitions I mainly work with The Greek Pantheon but I dabble in some other pantheons too. I am always interested in discussing deities and mythologies. GREEK deities I work with: Athena Aphrodite Apollo Hades Gaia Asteria Astraea Hecate Pan EGYPTIAN: Bastet Sekmet(hopefully spelled right) NORSE: Frigg Odin Freyja Roman: Vesta Diana I am open to making new friends,but please do not message me saying "hi". If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I Will Not WRITE YOU ANY SPELLS, BUT WILL DIRECT TO ONE INSTEAD. As you can probably tell, I am very into divination and prophecies, so any questions regarding it, I will be happy to answer.