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Name: madisonfaith
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Hi guys ^_^
Im trying to become a neko so if there is a spell that really works, and on your own experience, then plz mail me.
What my Neko form will look like:
When I become a Neko my fur will be Grey. My canines will be long most likely have an inch, My ears will be 3 inches long,and My tail will be 4 feet long.
My new name is White Necko.
I am not a neko yet, I am talking to other nekos on how to become one. Its really helping a lot.
Anyways, I am also looking for other nekos, so if u r, could u plz help :)
If u want to know anything else about me, too bad. ^_^
Root: under-active (-75%)
Sacral: under-active (0%)
Navel: under-active (-56%)
Heart: open (38%)
Throat: open (44%)
Third Eye: open (31%)
Crown: open (44%)