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MAGICKAL HITSQUAD MEMBER Right to begin with here is how to apply to Black Twilight. Your application for consideration of acceptance within this coven must be submitted to both the Priestess and the Priest and must contain the following information: Your screenname Your age (to apply to Black Twilight you have to be 17 or over. Please be honest about this! Also if you are already in the coven and under 17 we are not going to chuck you out as thats just really unfair!) How long you have been practicing magic(k) Personal deity(ies) Answer the Following questions to the best of your ability (the best of your ability meaning don't tell us what you think we want to hear. Give us your honest answer. 1. Why do you wish to join Black Twilight? 2. What is it you wish to learn while you are a member of Black Twilight? 3. What is it (if anything) that you hope to bring to Black Twilight while you are a member? 4. Would you be interested in a Council position in the future? 5. We want your opinion of Black Twilight in general. Thank you. Again all applications must be subitted in duplicate to the Priestess and Priest. Also please remeber to have written a bio on your profile! ATTENTION- All those who asked me about astral projection please go have a look at the BLACK TWILIGHT spell book. Under rituals you will find information on astral projection and some methods in practicing it. "Do what thou wilt. Shall be the whole of the law" Alister Crowley Hello all to those who know me on here thought Id change me bio and tell a bit more and for those who dont well Merry Meet I have been practicing magick now for 16 years and have my roots in the pagan faith. I am 25 and was awoken on my 9th birthday which I can tell you was a hell of a surprise. My main goddess is Lilith and my guardian sprit is Astaroth Over the years I have many been a solitary practitioner of magick. I have been a coven and when I started to learn about high magick I had a teacher who helped me find my feet. To tell the truth my experience of the coven is one I never wish to repeat, but on the plus side group magick is wonderful for doing ritual work especially invocation(you can really build some mind blowing power lol). I am a student of the occult and have been studying and practicing high magick for many years now. As a rule I generally dont do spells for people unless I know you or I feel that its right. BUT.....Those who seek help from me I will give as much assistance as possible. My view on magick is that it is a combination of two things, the will and the imagination. The will is the power and force behind it but if left to go off without direction untoward and unexpected things can happen (points at laptop lol. Urm yes managed to completely damage my laptop beyond all repair). The imagination is what gives the will focus and drive to achieve a result, without the will imagination does nothing. Over the years I have trained my will and imagination to work in harmony with each other, it has taken time and discipline and when I started it was not an easy thing. I also believe that everyone one on this planet has the ability to do magick. Everyone has a spark within them. Some chose to ignore this spark or are frightened, whilst others choose to embrace it and turn it into a roaring flame. I also have the deepest respects for others beliefs, weather I agree with them or not and I will never ridicule anyone for what they believe. The only time I get nasty is if someone is nasty to me, because the thing I do hate is close minded, rude, uncivil people. Over the years I have studied and digested many different systems if magic and to be honest what I currently practice is a hybrid of these. I use colour candles, crystal, herbs and can manipulate energies. I also very rarely do spells now; I generally find that a push in the right direction is all it needs. But specific spells and rituals I carry out fully I'm on what people may call the left hand path (but not a Satanist lol) but that is what has always been and what I will always be nothing will change it. I am adept at astral projection and astral travel. And will, as long as the request is sensible help others to figure out spells and rites. As have done most type of spells myself. I have recently gone through a period of self initiation, which has really change me, as I am working towards doing a full goetic evocation(with manifestation) and a lot of my energies are going into that currently. I decided to do this as I wish to show to myself that I have reached a level of discipline which is necessary to carry out the preparations and see it through. I also like to challenge myself. I'm also a big fan of Alister Crowley I find his work and the man himself truly remarkable. I find his work in magick has affected the way I practice. I have always had an interest in the tarot and have srkyed the cards extensively. But i have found that any of the cards i use I am not happy with. So I am designing my own pack and I'm calling it the Oblivion deck. Doing it by hand and from sratch so will take a while, but i'll post pictures on my myspaz when i've done a few and inked them. Cant think of anything else magical to say about myself so hers a quick view of the real me. I have a partner and we have a wonderful son (who is 3). My son is my life I would do anything for him. I also write music and work as an on off music promoter and DJ lol. I live in the UK (Wales to be precise). I enjoy most forms of music and I am a pretty good artist. Check out me myspaz page for me and as my friends say Im evil in a nice way lol. I am also a complete science geek lol. I have a passion for cosmology, physics, and chemistry and have a keen interest in mathematics. I find that my belief in science does not hamper my religious beliefs; in fact I find it enhances them in a strange way. So if you want to talk science or math to, no problems. Another point of note I generally DO NOT give out my email unless I know you or have at least spoken with you for a bit and feel that I can trust you with it. Also feel free to pm me on any matter, whether it be magick or not and I promise to get back. I'm here to help and will always listen Blessed be LadyO P.S I have had people asking me about different areas of magick.... So I have taken it upon myself to write in essence a book, covering the basics of magick to be used as a guide. Give us about a month and it will be done. What I will proberly do is put it into PDF format and give a download link. Its not going to be out of this world but it will cover basic spell casting that kinda thing and help you on your way. Also I like to point out something. My time here on the forum has been great so far and have met some truely remarkable people. But I have had a few people send me some rather nasty messages and recently have found people disrespectful and in a way has but a black mark against this site for me. So here is my general reply to all you out there who want a go at me. 1) If you tried to put curse on me first I laugh in your face. Next I will say that I have no fear of you because I fear no one. And also if you did do this, I would send it back to you far faster then you could cast it. Over the years I have learnt to protect myself very well as Ive had to due to peoples misconceptions and general ignorance of black magick. 2) You just broke the rule of karma so have a fun fate. 3) You have tried or threatened an attack against me,you join the list of people who in my opinion can go to hell(don't you feel special) and if you ask me nicely Ill take you there myself. So many blessings and a warning LadyO