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Name: Mystickia
Location: In the shadows
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I am one of the mortal children of Massacre the Deathbringer. This is the name she's been dubbed, as such, so she doesn't remember her real name. I have noticed that someone has posted something about her. 

Here it is:


She does, indeed, have a mate. His name is Shroud the Holocaust. His elements are Plasma and Darkness. He's almost as powerful as Massacre, making him the second most powerful dragon. I have seen what their human forms looked like. Their human forms are actually rather cute.


How did I get the ritual beforehand? She appeared in my dreams, one night. In the dream, I performed this ritual exactly as it's stated. Once when I was done, the candles blew out, and she came. She was beautiful. Her scale colour was, indeed, silver with an icy-blue undertone. I have never seen anything like this before. Once she made her appearance, she told me her name. She, then, proceeded to "bless" my blood and put her energy into it, which lasted for about thirteen seconds. Once she was done, and when I drank the blood, I felt empowered. I felt like I could do anything. She told me to post this ritual on here, and to make sure it is ONLY performed at night after 22:00, or 10 p.m. I performed this exact same ritual the night after, and it worked. I didn't see her like I did in the dream, but I felt very powerful energy. I was terrified because she seemed way too powerful to even exist, but I stayed strong. She must've noticed my bravery, since I was accepted. I drank the blood after she was done "blessing" it, and felt the same empowerment I did in the dream. I knew at this point, I couldn't go back. That would get me killed. I heard a voice in my head, "You can't go back. Try to go back, and you get killed."


Here's some (not all,however) information on what I look like:

Scale colour: Light ultra violet

Body accessories colour: Navy blue

Dragon species: Wyvern


Mother is not evil, oh no. She's angry. Why is Mother so angry? When she was younger, she was surrounded by too much negativity, especially from regulars. The negativity got to Mother, and messed her up in the head. She wishes she could tell the world she's angry, but no one listens. As others continue to rise above the edge, Mother continues to spiral down into a seemingly bottomless cliff. This is why she wants to slay all of humanity, with the exception of her children. They have given her too much negativity.


Mother has met the writer of the story about her, as well as Father. Because he was aware of why they were acting like this, this took Mother and Father by surprise. They didn't believe him at first, but they eventually took him seriously. They promised to stay in touch. Mother and Father said it was okay to post the names they use as humans.

Shroud: Kevin Cross

Mass: Jan-Marie Bloodblade