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Name: Lillipoppy
Birthday: Sep 19 1992
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"Sometimes the answer to an insane world is insanity" -Fox Mulder, X-files Honestly not on this site much, very rarely if at all. My main magic focuses are on Divination,Hoodoo,Wicca, and anything that quenches my occult knowledge thrist for the time being. I know a few things but im not an expert or master. Even though ive been Wicca n for three to four years im still learning new things everyday. Past trauma has lead me to a reawakening of myself and my spirituality. I am happily taken thank you very much while i am accepting of everyone please be aware i do not have tolerance for toxic behaviors and roleplaying behaviors. Also be aware i have extreme trust issues so I may seem very rude or brash i apologise beforehand. All I am asking is common human decency as well as respect. Please do not inquire about me doing spells for you or readings this is not something I feel comfortable with. Other than that i merely here for learning.