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Name: Lillipoppy
Birthday: Sep 19 1992
Location: Silent Hill today, Rapture Tomorrow
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"Sometimes the answer to an insane world is insanity" -Fox Mulder, X-files Honestly not on this site much, very rarely if at all. My main magic focuses are on Divination,Hoodoo,Wicca, and anything that quenches my occult knowledge thrist for the time being. I know a few things but im not an expert or master. Even though ive been Wicca n for three to four years im still learning new things everyday. I have strict guidelines on what will lead me to block you or ignore which are: -Any attempts to hit on, get a date, or sexual advances. -Harassment or badgering such as you there? emails twenty times -Fluffies just because you want to believe your satan doesnt mean i do. -Requests for me to cast spells for you -Stupid messages "like please help me turn into a girl with magic" Or "how do i teleport?" Magic isnt a joke, if thats the stuff you believe you shouldnt even be graced with anyones time. -Anything with text speaking. Im an intelligent human being that can spell words and full sentences like "Respect, Grammer, and Manners" -If you didnt take the time to read my bio then attempt to ask for personal info -Creepy messages or strange comments I DO NOT do Tarot readings or any type of readings at all only under very rare circumstances so dont ask About me: Im a gamer/artist/writer. I dont trust people nothing personal but honestly im really on the earth to learn and follow my religion. The Goddess and God are the only ones that know me. I trust them. My T