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Name: KryztalSpook
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Hello there You may address me as Krystal. I have been studying magic for a few years now (i started off in 2012). I prefer to focus on the lighter arts. I will not teach nor will i cast a spell for you. Love nature and love working with it. I do what i feel is right or am comfortable with. I'll say that i'm still a beginner and thus have little knowledge about magic that i can impart, but i will try my best. My practition is not consistent due to lack of time and my focus varies now and then. As such, my knowledge is scattered upon various topics. I keep an open mind and i'm a curious person. Opinions on your own beliefs and knowledge are welcomed. Mail me if you need any help. I will try my best to help you but please try to use proper english sentences when mailing. I do not want to spend the next 10 minutes trying to decipher what you just sent. Peace, Krystal