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Name: Ahorn_Erde
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Hello everyone! Before getting to my bio, I have some ground rules to put down. There are not a lot, but I wish for you to respect them.

  • First, I will not cast spells for you.
  • Second, I will not perform a ritual for you.
  • Finally, I will not help you turn into a vampire or werewolf, or any other creature. -.- Seriously people. This is not Harry Potter.

~~~ Okay, down to the nitty gritty. ~~~

My name is Ahorn Erde, but you may call me Erde. It means Maple, as in the tree, and Erde as in the Earth. My element is the Earth, and my favorite plant is the tree. It is the most commonly used symbol to represent life, as it produces the oxygen we need to live.

I'm an eclectic witch. Nothing else much to say on this. :)

For those who like astrology, I'm a Virgo, taken by a lovely Leo who treats me right like every man should treat their lover.

I've been a part of this site for seven years, off and on as Alena Cairn and this name, but I deleted my Alena account and had come back to this one. I've been practicing magick for eight years, but there is still so much I would like to learn. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Just regard those rules at the beginning if you are going to message me. Do not ask me to do anything for you. I'm open for discussion and for saying hello, but don't be like, "hey, cn u hlp me chng in2 a werewolf." Just don't do that. -.- I'm a serious witch, and I do NOT have time to deal with petty fakes like that.