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Name: K_Weagle
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Hi there! I've been studying Wicca for about 3 years. I love learning more about the different paths I see. I think our belief influences our perception, so people with different beliefs will experience things differently. Therefore, we should both seek to learn and understand cultures and beliefs that differ from our own. I continue to practice and study Wicca, but am also actively looking at many other religions and cultures as well. I'd be happy to take on a Wiccan student,as that is the area I have the most knowledge in. I'd be happy to help anyone learn the practice, but I don't do readings. My areas of Study: *Empathy & willing *Tarot *Healing magick *Protection magick A little about me - I love music, being out in nature, interacting with animals in their natural habitat, and working out. "Yoga is like music. The rythym of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life. - B.K.S. Iyengar"