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Name: Realistic.
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My name explains my nature.

Magic, in the western world was actually once celebrated to being one of the the most practical and idealistic forms of reasoning, until fodes and shariltians of the gothic revival period 1800-1900, stared poisoning reason with madness of "talking boards" and "spiritualism cults".

As a person that does not abandon reason for madness, as so many did in 1965 and continue to do with this "New Age" Buffoonery, of "personal rights" and "life's to tough that we can't possibly get off our rup to do some work to get us somewhere in life", I use my brain with science and rationality to come to fair and thus just conclusions of the situation that I happen to be observing.

Personal Understanding of Analytical Thinking:

Belief is never to be used outside of the word "hypothesis", at which point never holds wait until its tried, tested thoroughly, and succeeds.

Personal Understanding of Analytical Thinking:

Science dose and can when applied, leads to reasonable results of understanding. The only people that do not want to apply it are thoughs that have something to hide from what it can show as an outcome. Which is 9/10 times their discomfort of what their emotions (something that never present in a nonbiased obion of facts) that there ideals that they put some much hope and emotional stuck in might not be able to hold its wait for they don't know as much about their "work" as they lead others to believe.

My personal goal is to see if there is indeed on the "oldest magical website" any general material that is indeed tried and tested (unbiasedly) by scientific theory using what is used by debunkers and magicians as the zero factor, (placing of a medium that is not going to affect the outcome of the experiment but still can test the effectiveness of the procedure through the relation to physics and psychological ends inspired by the ends suggested by the claims made).

All results will be proudly summed up and detailedly displayed on my blog for everyone to see and note. My hopes are that there is indeed information that is correct and of value to peoples.

Any wrongful dismissal will be noted on the blog, and yes, I am not a troll, fair from. Just a researcher. I will keep to the promises and rules as noted and adhere to them as respectfully as requested from any other member.

I hope for full cooperation and friendliness.

Thank You.


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