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Name: Goldhawk
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Hello! My name is Ruben. I've began to practice Magick in 2007, but I've always had an intrest in Magick, the paranormal or anything related since I was a toddler. I always have been around Magick because my mom used to practice it, but she stopped after a long time. She still does candle magick. I'm an Empath and always had a soft side for feeling people's energy. I'm starting to practice Aeroekinesis and Tarot reading. Up until now, I can do divination through the pendulum.
My Spirit Animal is a red snake which I've nicknamed Alvin. My Angel Guides are Saint Michael and Baal. My Spirit Guide is a boy about my age nicknamed Kevin. The God I've aligned is Poseidon. My element is Earth since I'm a Taurus. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm still learning, but I can share some of my knowledge.
~Blessed Be!