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rantingkame's Profile

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Name: rantingkame
Birthday: Apr 6
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 31 Dec 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I got gagged on my other account name: Kyoko. So here's the new one, enjoy! I am a secret witch. No one among my family knows. And none among my friends know. I come here hoping to learn more about spells and wicca, and to become a better witch. Here's some info on me: 1.I am female 2. I am a witch/psychic. 3. I love almost every kind of music. 4. I am protective of my friends. 5. I love candles. 5. I enjoy talking to spirits. 6. The night is the only time of the day that I like. 7. I'm single I've known that I was a witch/psychic since I was six. I dreamed of a girl with brown pigtails being late to class, the next morning jenny a girl in my class had done her brown hair in pigtails. But she hadn't been late to class. We went to lunch and then the bell rings and we all go back to class... but jenny's not there. About thirty minutes later she comes running into class saying sorry I'm late. I usually get these visions when sleeping or sometimes when I daydream in math class (my second bed). I'm still new at all this and it's a little harder because I can't always buy the stuff I need to train my second sight. Still, with this site I hope to grow. Here are just some last minute random facts about me: 1. My favorite color(s) is Black/Lavender 2. My favorite band is Marilyn Manson. 3. Favorite song New Divide. 4. Hair color dark brown 5. Eye color Hazel. 6. I hate the sun and daytime. 7. I love any book done by L.J. Smith. 8. My real first name is Kelsey but I plan on changing it to Skai when I'm 18. 9. Another thing, I'm very open-minded. 10. My elements are: Air, Earth, and Spirit. The only weather that I can work with is rain. 11. I do not care what the fan girls say I hate Twilight and Hannah Montana. And I don't need the fangirl insult crap okay! Top 5 Favorite animes: Inuyasha Bleach Vampire Knight Yurara/ Rasetsu Wild Ones Things I Don't Like: People who bully others Snobs People who diss the following, anime/manga, Supernatural anything, L.J. Smith, My friends/Family My happy place is a graveyard at night with candles, black cats/crows/ravens, and a good book. And if you plan on messaging me, be prepared to answer the following: 1. What do you think about Twilight. 2. What do you think is the meaning of life. 3. Are you single (just kidding lol) To those who bully I pity you I pray for your souls You who are blind Why can't you see deeper than the skin Why do you get to sit on a throne made of right And tell me I'm not worthy of love of compassion of kindness of life My life is not a game I was not born to be shamed There's no target on my back For you to aim at There's no stone around my heart to protect me If I cut myself it may heal But I will remember it You may forget But I may never If you have felt this way repost this. You are not alone. ************************************************** ******************* To those who hate Emos/Goths: Isnt it funny that when you go to the shops with your friends you look down at the girl with black jeans and studs but smile at the girl wearing a mini with a tshirt that barely cover anything? Isnt it funny you can change your music taste to impress a guy but when it comes to a girl who likes her own music and her own style, you give her a mouthful? ISN'T IT FUNNY that a guy can get away with being a gangsta but the emo gets a mouthful from everyone? are you laughing? Isnt it funny a emo can be quiet all through the week but gets more shit from everyone than the girl who sleeps around and sells her virginity? ISN'T IT FUNNY that you dont mind your friends drinking, smoking but the minute someone mentions emo music you can give them a lecture on melodramatic teenage outcasts? I'm not laughing. ITS SO FUNNY that you and your friends can make a girls life hell and not know anything about the silent battle she might be fighting. ISN'T IT FUNNY that you can call emos, punks, goths the retards but still manage to get through your day without an inch of guilt in your heart. HOW YOU CAN CALL A GIRL A POSER, HOW CAN YOU SAY ''YOUR NOT EMO'' OR ''ATTENTION SEEKER'' WITHOUT SPENDING A SECOND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THERE ARE CUTS ON HER WRISTS AND WHY SHE SPENDS HER LUNCHTIMES CRYING INSTEAD OF LAUGHING WITH HER FRIENDS? KEEP ON LAUGHING! isnt it funny you can say and do all this without any idea of what is going on in this persons life without knowing her situation with her friends or her family or her LIFE! BRAVE ISNT GOING UP ON STAGE AND STRIPPING! BRAVE IS NOT SAYING A SPEECH OR DUMPING YOUR BOYFRIEND! BRAVE IS GOING TO SCHOOL ON MUFTI DAY AND NOT FOR A SECOND CARE WHAT THE WORLD AROUND YOU IS SAYING ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES. ITS LISTENING TO YOUR OWN MUSIC AND BEING PROUD OF IT! ITS GOING THROUGH EVERY DAY WITH THE THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO YOUR FACE AND BEHIND YOUR BACK AND YOU STILL KEEP QUIET. ITS KNOWING WHAT YOUR ''FRIENDS'' ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU AND STILL CALLING THEM YOUR FRIENDS! BRAVE IS KNOWING THAT TOMOROW ISNT A BRIGHT AND HAPPY FUTURE ITS ANOTHER DAY OF COMPLAINING AND DODGING RUMORS! KEEP ON LAUGHING. if you agree put this on your profile and advise others to do the same you say rihanna - i say metallica you say lil wayne - i say breaking benjamin you say lady gaga - i say system of a down you say emenem - i say alesana you say hanna montana - i scream heavy metal 92% of teenagers have turned to hip-hop and pop, if ur part of the 8%, copy this message and past it to an other video. DONT LET THE SPIRIT DIE!!! 95% of teenswould freak out if they saw Miley Cyrus or the Jonas brothers on a 247' building ready to jump off. Copy and paste this in your profile if you are one of the 5% that would bring a bucket of popcorn, a chair, a video camera and yell ???JUMP!??? I don't care if you're gay or straight, everybody needs love. I don't care if you're diseased with an incurable sickness, everybody deserves a chance. I don't care if you're ugly or pretty, everybody has flaws. I don't care if you're black or white, everybody has the same capabilities. I don't care if you're weird, everybody needs to change. I don't care if you're rich or poor, everybody needs warmth. I don't care if you're different, everybody is. Repost this if you agree with it.