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Name: Xenyx
Birthday: Sep 19 1997
Location: In the heart of the winter. By myself. Magical Name: Winterfox Snowheart. Found using numerology and things I like.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 27 Sep 2012
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I bid you welcome to my bio, fellow. I wish you can see what you wish from this page. Reason I made this bio is only to talk about myself. Nothing more, nothing less. If you send me a message without reading, I might not reply back as I will say what kinds of messages I reply, in a further section.

-About Me-

Magical name is Winterfox. Might be interesting for you. But I'm actually from, Turkey. Do not worry, as I'm not a fool like the most of my people, I have gathered a mind of my own, and not a pack of sheeps. I was practicing magic art for 2 years by now. And I still can say this, I have a lot to learn.

Because of events in my childhood, I'm attracted to males that are a older than me for 2-10 years... I'm currently 15, but it does not effect my maturity at all.

I realized my... Drawing, to magic at an early age, but I was a muslim then, so it was a conflict with me as craft was a sin, one of the biggest sins in tha religion, actually. But neverthless, I "questioned" always questioned until I find the right thing for myself. Do what you believe in, what makes you happy.

I changed my religion a lot. Satanist, Pagan, Wicca etc. All this things made me realize, why not make a path for yourself? So right know, I'm worshipping 3 deities. Fortuna, Goddess of Luck and Fate who was with me since my birth. (Long story) Satan, my guiding force. And Skadi, Goddess of Winter and Hunting. As my combat deity.


I do not teach, as I'm in no position to. I'll never teach because I lack the will for it. I'll alwas hunger for knowladge.

I learned to walk my own path during my training in magic. It was a very, very refreshing touch on my life. I walked with my deities and my friends. I walked the path of a mage and arcane universe. And I still do, Even after 2 years. One thing I can say is this, I only took one, small step in this road.

I study whatever I wish to, and whenever I want. I'm independent. But my main interest are,

  1. Alchemy.
  2. Creation.
  3. Healing & Protection.
  4. Crafting of Magical Tools.
  5. Ice and Cold magic.
  6. Aether Magic.
  7. Luck Magic.

I'm "very" good at luck magic hence I worship Fortuna. Others? No. Not at all. I'm only interested in them. I do not excel at them


I'm sory but I do not reply at "Can you teach me" mails. Other that that, feel free to talk to me about everything you wish to. I love to help people about life problems. (And... Others too.) I also don't reply to mails that are not english. Even when it is my native.

-Special Thanks-

I thank my one and only real master, light_fog for everything he had done for me. I'm very lucky to find someone as him. He is so special for me, he deserves a place just for himself in my bio. Again, thank you sir. I can never repay you.