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Teleportation Spells

This spell makes a portal to a world that is not real because it is from a movie.
If you afraid to be in another world, this is the perfect spells for you! You must move to another world before 3 hours after doing this spell! Or you will feel really hurt pain!
To astral project to a place once seen.
Go Anywhere In The World
This is a spell to body swap with someone.
This spell is to make you and someone else switch bodies. You will be aware that you are switching. You should go to where the other person was and be in their body, instead of just turning into the pe
This is an easy spell to help bring more travel opportunities into your life.
This spell will create a door. I don't garuntee that this will work all the time, so don't be mad if it doesn't work.
This is a spell to open a portal to the digimon world.
A spell that creates a door.
A spell to bring you into another world. I have not yet tested it myself but I hope to soon and will update after.
To enter your dreams.
This spell will teleport you away from immediate danger.
This spell makes your enemies go slower. It may not always work.
Use this spell before you sleep to enter your favorite story.
It will teleport you anywhere.
Allows the soul to exist between the living world and the dream world.
This spell is an easy way to find your spirit animal but you must be quite skilled in magic to do this and be very patient.
It is extremely healthy for not only your third eye but your spirit to get in personal acquaintance with your soul, it will not work for everyone because for some in a past life have betrayed the soul,
Ever wondered what its like in a creepypasta world? This spell will not only give you a glimpse of the creepypasta world, but will let you live in it for one day.
Not working if you're not focus. There is maybe dangerous creatures out there. I'm teleported to the world and 3 minutes walking there, I'm teleport back! It's already 10 minutes here!
So you who have read the "Go to another world" spell. It's hard to work, right? Use this addition to help you gain what you want to go! Good Luck!
This will take you to the nightosphere.
This will get you to go to gensoyko! But you'll have to belive hard enough in magic!
Teleport anywhere in the world.
It allows you to open small portals.
How to make black chalk
This will teach you how to orb.
Want to talk to the elders well here a technique for!
Instantly create a door connected to a real door near the place were you want to go.
A spell to summon a magical door.
Use this spell to make a berry disappear.
Have you ever wanted to walk through the screen of your tv? Now you can, using this spell.
A simple meditation technique to help you
A spell to create another world that you can visit at any time. I suggest going to a safe place before entering the otherworld of your creation. I will soon make a spell to open your otherworld to othe
Travel to the past.
Send you to the future.
Where you can go to the future also you can use it as many times as you want
This spell will make you switch bodies with someone PERMANENTLY. You will loose all of your memories, skills, and knowledge and gain the other persons (and vice versa).
It's make you a MLP and go to the World of MLP.
Creates a portal to wherever you desire and want
This can teleport you to the underworld instantly.
It will take you to the underworld.
It gives you more wizard powers like teleportation advanced telekinesis and so on.
This spell as for those who wish to create their own personalized reality to suit their needs and taste and their desired effects
a spell created so one can create and physically walk into a world of their own design for whatever purpose they have chosen.
Spell to let you make a world in your own design.
This spell will help you run fast
It's used to travel to any other place.
Takes you from a dangerous place to a safe place through a portal that you can summon.
Spy on whoever you want with your mirror.
Each of us have a past life. Why don't you see yours? Use this spell to do just that.
This spell allows you to teleport using shadows.
Allows yo to travel to any place in the world by binding to the shadows.
This really works to move you elsewhere.
This spell will get you to rooms and such in your house. It's simple, nothing needed for it to work, but you can't just suddenly go to Asia.
Another article about using telekinesis.
This helps you teleport.
Chat me or add me on my Facebook account and chat me I still need to try this so chat me if it didn't work
Use this spell to send something somewhere.
Teleport to places using this spell.
A spell that can take you anywhere as long as you can imagine it.
This will attempt to teleport you. CAUTION: requires either experience with psi, or what is listed below
This spell allows you to open a portal that will activate when you say a code. You can make a portal only to somewhere that you really want to go. Good luck!
This will get you from A to B.
Use this to teleport from place to place.
This spell allows you to teleport.
You will be able to teleport to anywhere you wish.
Teleports you where you want to go.
Will transport you to a destination of your choosing.
This spell sometimes works to teleport you elsewhere.
Become a fairy and teleport. By the way, you must have a fairy door. It wonít work otherwise.
This spell allows you to open a portal that will activate when you say a code. You can make a portal for anywhere on Earth. You should do this spell when in good health and not tired or drowsy.
We can make Portal from the chakra energy, prana energy, and kundalini energy found at the base of the spine and merkaba energy found in the light matrix of the physical body and auric field.
With this spell, you can teleport to any place that you want. But try teleporting to close places, like inside your house, or the building you're in while performing this spell. You also need a lot of
Teleports you to your destination.
Go from one place to another.
Teleport faraway objects anywhere near you. I tried it, it really works. Sorry if it doesnt work for you it worked for me
This spell can make you travel, also known as teleport, to any place you want.
This spell can move you between realities.
This is a spell which will temporarily teleport you to heaven. Note that you will get a visual image in your mind, your body will not go there.
Use this to teleport anywhere you desire.
Introduction:This is a ritual from Korea. By performing this ritual you are supposed to get to "a different world." According to people that have successfully completed the game, it looks the same as t
The Hooded Man Ritual appeared on the NoSleep subreddit in November of 2014. According to its submitter, nickybutler123, it has surfaced on other sites in the past; Iíve been unable to locate these oth
Transports you to the magick world. Only truly powerful people can do this.
This spell will make you be able to manipulate time as you please
This spell will allow you to go back in time to any time that you want that you have memory of.
You can only travel two years in the future and three years in the past. When you return the hour and minute and second will be the same from when you left. You can take up to three people with you but
Teleports you to a different time.
To go back or forward in time.
This should let you time travel whenever you like! Please message me if works for you!
This spell will transport you to Hyrule.
Takes you to hyrule and gives you the triforce of power, wisdom or courage.
This spell will help humans become (mentally, physically in one's own mind) an animal of their choosing.
This spell lets you transport into video games for 3 hours. NOTE: does not work if you have black magic.
A spell to transport you wherever you wish.
This spell will transport you to a world that you would like.
Time travel using this spell.
Not Tested Yet
pretty self explanatory
i found this in an old spellbook and i am still getting the ingredients together so this is not tested yet

An Egyptian spell.
My own take on Noralidy_304's article (which is here == can use it to "teleport" to another world in a movie, show, etc.
an explanation of why time travel to prevent event or correct your mistakes is an exercise in futility. And why real time travel is something you may never want to do.
Get what you want.
Go to a new world
This is a spell/ritual that allows you to create your own world and allows you to travel there. Works.

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