Healers of Light's Articles

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  • Acacia
    Acacia: A herb also known as Acacia Nilotica, Cape Gum.Egyptian Thorn,Gum Arabic,Hachah,Wattle Bark,Gum Senegal and Gum Acacia.
  • Adder's Tongue
    Ophioglossum- and information about the herb.
  • Basic Bath Salts
    How to make your own bath salts.
  • Beauty Herbs
    Some common house hold herbs that can be used for beauty spells.
  • Circle Casting
    A basic circle casting technique, which all spellcasters should peform before starting a spell ritual for protection
  • Friendship Herbs
    A list of herbs associated with friendship and happiness.
  • Love Herbs
    These are some herbs to help you with winning over someone's heart.

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