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An article providing you with an exercise that will help you boost your belief on magick and yourself.

Our belief - or lack of it - is one of the most important factors on whether our spells/rituals succeed, or backfire. This has been said before, but you need to believe in what you are doing, and that it will work, before you send out any sort of energy.

After you have done this exercise - everything you do, every spell you cast, and every bit of magick energy you send out, will go out with more intensity; effecting things in your world more than it ever has before. It is inevitable.

Steps to take

Step 1 - find some time alone where you have some peace and quiet, preferably a room that can be easily sheltered from external light.

Step 2 - find a candle that you feel it represents you.Could be one of your favorite color or one that when you pick it up, you feel something special, it just feels right. Most importantly, you need to look at this candle as if it is an extension of your heart and soul. Take as long as you need to find the perfect candle for you.

Step 3 - if you are experienced with candle magick go ahead and anoint your candle with anointing oils that represent protection. However, if you have no idea how to do such properly, here is a brief guide:

Take your candle and sit in a comfortable position on the floor. Place both of your hands around the candle and hold it in your lap. Now taking slow, deep, even breathes, clear your mind and relax. 

When relaxed, think about your past and your present. Think about who you are as a person; how you feel, how you think, what problems you have and what you truly love in life. As you do this, visualize every thought you have transferring into the candle. You may visualize a white, puffy jet stream traveling from your head, on to your hands and finally in to the candle. Focus on this for as long as you feel right, you will know when to stop.

Step 4 -  It's now time to build an altar, it needs not to be something complicated. A simple stool or chair will do the trick but you can get as ornate as you want to. After your altar is ult, simply place your candle on a candle holder and light it.

Step 5 - After your candle is lit, it's time to turn off the lights, close the curtains, and create a dark room. This dark room represents the clarity of emptiness, while the candle represents all that you are.

Step 6 - sit on the ground in front of your altar and the burning candle, focus on the flame. If it helps you, you may play some soft music that helps setting the mood for you. Now visualize the energy that you placed on to this candle being released into the the emptiness and darkness all around you.

Step 7 - close your eyes and feel your energy filling the room, starting from the floor, up to the walls and on to the ceiling. Feel the warmth slithering around the room; as you visualize it, you will begin to actually feel it.

Step 8 - in your thoughts I want you to bring an idea of complete belief in yourself and the energy that fills the room - the energy that you have just sent out. Put aside any bad things that have happened to you in the past; if they pop up in your mind, quietly acknowledge them and cast them aside, they do not matter right now.

Grab a hold of everything that is good in your life, everything that you have accomplished, and everything that is possible for you to achieve, believe in everything your heart tells you. Think about all of the people in this world that accomplish amazing things with magick - psychics, fortune tellers, witches, shamanic healers -, from ancient times they have all uncovered the secrets to tapping into the full power of magick within them, the same magick that lies within you. You are not different from them, and if you believe in your magick, and all of the wonderful things it can bring you, there is no stopping all the beautiful things that you can accomplish.

Step 9 - continue to focus on this belief in yourself and in your magick for no less than 7 minutes; the longer, the better. Build this belief up until you forget that you have ever had a single doubt in the past. Admit to yourself that you are special, and you are filled with magick, just as much as any other person on this Earth.

Step 10 - Slowly open your eyes and look at the room around you - and snuff out the candle.

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Feb 19, 2020
This is quite nice, but I would add to it. Regular meditation, prayer, reading Pagan literature, spend time in nature, sitting in the moonlight, journaling, these things can help you connect with your beliefs. There are a plethora of ways to connect with the energy around us and our spirituality. Just be willing to listen to others opinions, contemplate them, and draw your own conclusions. If you believe in something and it is challenged, do not feel threatened, look inward and ask yourself if it is true. If there is evidence to the contrary, shift your belief, but if you still feel in your heart what you believe is to be true, accept the others opinion, but do not let it destroy your faith. If it does, your faith was not built on anything of substance to begin with. Be willing to change and grow, adapt as needed, but a simple ''you are wrong'' should not be enough to destroy your spiritual foundation.

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