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To those who dare,

heed my warning

I am quite The Darkest Mind,

and are open to forming,

only the true and complete will be accepted

heinous as it may be.

You may, at your own wish, mail me, with of course a subject, or you may be ignored, as also it must be important for I shall do spells for those who have proven their loyalty and themselves. But just as with any human, there may be a price. we may come to an agreement, but more often then not, i will destroy you. Non-humans, i come with complete neutrality at no cost, and for that, be Grateful i won't destroy you, being a neutral being, i do not hold back.

i shall teach if you want, but I am not always willing to share my knowledge at all with a human, and i won't. so i shall only answer in riddles, Vagueness and Humiliation. For those who choose to serve under me, you are my children, whom i cherish and love unconditionally.

I am not one for kindness, any disrespect and I shall rip your heart out and preserve it in a jar of my choosing, I will imprison you within your own art of existence. And what pity it is for human's to suffer such fate unknowingly, who've chosen unto pre-determinism, To fulfill such Void. Humans only live once, and yet act as they're superior to one another.

It seems to me, That human nature is tricky within itself to understand Just as it is to learn, but know this, for i am a Deity and a god of my own compared to what humanity calls a falsehood, for they simply avoid the truth, my path is unteachable. It is best to just accept it, then to keep asking me to Teach, lest any of you incur my wrath. My Path isn't for those who wish self centered pleasures to those of knowledge seeking peasants. As it is you who choose to follow me and my teachings, who choose to, lets say in a way, even though i have no need for it, worship me. one must not worship me in fulfillment of there own needs, for that is certain death. one must strive for higher learning, or be forgotten with the rest. I shall be waiting for that someone, who's willing to rise above all that is worthless and waste.

For those willing to learn, must already have an understanding, for i will not explain everything to you with every message as I make Grass grow, and i can make you wither and rot. Inner wisdom is needed to guide you through what i teach, without it you'll receive nothing. Alas, i have nothing to share for humanity, but only to ruin those who seek it.

The commemoration is a nice aspect of human nature that i will respect, but i owe each of you nothing,

I shall leave you now, I am a Force Half known, even to myself, as i bid you good day.