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Cleans your house or a room. Rid your house of evil spirits. Refresh your home and rid negativity.

You need to a large feather, fresh red rose petals, bowl of water.

1: Take your rose petals and let them soak in the water for 10 minutes. Crunch and rip the petals up in the water so it will obtain the life of the rose. Keep this water pure of hair and dust particles. You may taste a drop of it to make sure it has the rose taste. When it does, your purifying rose water is ready. Next you need to wave your left hand over the bowl counter-clockwise 3 times saying ?Clean my Home/room from all thats not good.? Keep the crumbled petals in the water.

2: Take your feather and set it in the purifying water for 3 hours, Stem out of the water. Let the water take effect. Summon the power of your life and set your self in the bowl. When done, place bowl with feather in a safe place to set for the remaining time.

3: When the time comes take the feather out of the bowl and go to the first room you would like to purify. Wave the feather up and down all around the room chanting the following: ?Cleanse and purify.? Over and over. If you are going to do more than one room then continue to the next room. Be sure to wave the feather all over the room. When done the water is useless and the feather may be saved for the usage of the spell again. If you have a dream catcher the feather should be hooked to it or kept beside it.

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