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a few deities for love and passion

Deities Of Love And Passion


Aphrodite is the Cretan and Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her name means 'born from the foam'.

She can be invoked for the gentle attraction of new love as well as for sexuality and passion (hence the term 'aphrodisiac'). Aphrodite is especially potent in candle and mirror spells, romance and for love rituals involving the sea.


Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, the young Greek Sun God, and is goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the Moon and nature. Although a virgin goddess, she also presides over childbirth. Because of her connection with the hunt, she is altogether a more active goddess than Aphrodite if you are seeking love or, perhaps, trying to encourage a reluctant lover of either sex or win love under difficult circumstances. She is perfect for outdoor love spells and for casting your love net wide to attract an as yet unknown lover.


Freyja is the Viking goddess of love and sexuality and can be invoked for rituals to increase confidence in inner beauty and worth, for the increase of passion and for fertility in every aspect. A witch goddess, she is potent for all magick, especially astral projection and crystal and gem magick.


Venus, the goddess of love, is the Roman form of Aphrodite and by her liaison with Mercury gave birth to Cupid. Although she had many lovers, she was the goddess of chastity in women and is a joybringer, and so represents not only sexual pleasure, but also innocent love and especially love in the springtime. Her planetary associations mean she is the focus in all kinds of love rituals. As the evening star, Venus takes on a warrior aspect and so can be invoked in fighting for one's lover or

tough love in relationships.

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Oct 10, 2019
Don't forget to add Lilith!!!.

Oct 21, 2020
The one that kills babies?

Oct 26, 2020
She's a Goddess of [among other things] sensuality and sex. You can call on her when you're wanting to feel sexy. As for the baby-killing, I've never heard of that. Closest I can think of is a legend where God came to visit the garden and Eve made Adam hide the children he had with Lilith, and when God asked Adam to present his children, God made all the children who Adam didn't present [aka Lilith's kids] invisible, thus turning them into demons. [granted, my Lilith knowledge isn't that grand since I don't work with her, but that's really the only baby story I know]

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