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done by White_rose this is a little bit on the tools and jewlery a witch may use

The Witches Tools

The Witches' Knife - also known as an Athame or Bolline.

The Witches' Cord - known variously as a girdle cord, or cingulum.

The Witches' Censer - the incense burner or chafing dish, also known as the thurible.

The Witches' Cup - also known as the chalice.

The Witches' Spellbook - known variously as a witches' Bible, workbook, Liber spirituum, or Book of Shadows.

The Witch Jewels

The Necklace, the Bracelet, the Ring and Pendant, the Girdle Cord and Garter

The necklace: The necklace is worn by women coven members often at Sabbats and Esbats only. It is

in all probability of similar derivation to that of the girdle or garter Some witches say that it has a

connection with "Brisingamen," the elven necklace possessed by Freya, the Norse love goddess.

The bracelet: This is usually made of copper or silver an is worn by witches of either sex, again as a form of identity sign. However, unlike the necklace, it is engraved with the witch name of the bearer,

the coven symbol (which is often an animal such as an owl, cat, or serpent), and his rank in it. There are usually only two "degrees" of rank, that of the triangle and the more advanced one of the pentacle.

If male, the leader of the coven is sometimes known as the magister or master, the female as the high priestess. These are generally honorary ranks and titles, however, and simply indicate seniority of

membership for the most part. Very occasionally are they indications of power. Sometimes coven members will wear the bracelet to

signify the triangle, and the garter, the pentacle grade.

Similar to the bracelet are the ring and the pendant. These are usually the only witch jewels bar the necklace that actually possess gems or stones set into them. These are the primary "fascination'' jewels,

and the more intricate and unusual the jewel, the better it serves its purpose. As to its composition and monetary value, it is completely a matter of individual taste and economy. The best magical witch

stones are traditionally the sapphire and the opal. However, most precious and semi-precious stones do just as well, especially those which traditionally are held efficacious against the evil eye and

fascination! These, in fact, are excellent accumulators of witch power, and as such, if you have ever worn one as a good-luck charm, has provided you, albeit unwittingly maybe, with an equal and opposite means of fascinating others or casting your own evil eye! In effect, you will be fighting fire with fire!

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