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by this banishing is very easy to do -Do you have a problem with a negative or demonic presence, but can't find an exorcism that fits with your pagan beliefs? Simply adapt this exorcism to fit your faith and with a bit of oomph you'll be free of negative influences.


1. Be certain that the entity you've discovered is truly deserving of a banishing. Bad intentions can be enough, but trying to convince it to leave of its own accord is always a better option.

2. Research strong, protective deities that you feel a connection with, and get to know them. Choose one to call on, or maybe two if they're compatible.

3. Choose herbs that are protective and/or cleansing. Sage, thyme, garlic, black pepper, salt, and apples are recommended. Research the meaning behind any herbs you choose so that you can pour the right motivation and energy into the herbs.

4. Plan your verbal assault. Choose words that feel strong to you, and that are easy for you to say in a potentially stressful situation. Call upon your chosen deity (or deities) and be sure to demand your wishes. Throw your intention into your speech. For example, "Begone, and never mess with me again in the name of (deity/ies name/s)."

5. Wait for the demon to be present. Point or cast your chosen herb(s) at it and recite your speech with strength and certainty. Do not back off.


* Smudging is the art of purifying an area of evil spirits by burning certain herbs. Sage smells beautiful and is often used in native American traditions.

* Feel free to use aspects of your religion to strengthen your exorcism, such as pentacles and chants.

* If you feel it's appropriate, learn shielding techniques and other defensive energy work.


* Be prepared. If you're ready for anything you'll be confident, and that will help you.

* Stubborn demons can get angry in the face of a banishing. Do not back down.

* You might feel more confident if you have an experienced fellow practitioner with you; don't be shy about seeking help if you feel you need it.

Things You'll Need

* Appropriate herbs

* Spiritual symbols

* Symbols of your chosen deity(ies)

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