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A list of supernatural abilities.


Telepathy- ability to mentally communicate with people around you

Telekenisis- ability to move inanimate objects

Animal Telepathy- ability to mentally communicate with animals around you



Pyrokenisis- ability to create and control fire using the mind

Hydrokenisis (aquakenisis)- ability to control water using the mind

Geokenisis- ability to control Earth (rocks, grass, plants, dirt etc.)

Aerokenisis- ability to create and control wind

Astrokenisis- ability to create and control weather



Aura Reading- ability to see the energy fields that eminate from living beings

Automatic Writing- writing through the subconscious mind through guidance of an outside intelligence (ghosties)

Channeling- associated with mediums, ability to act as a channel or vessel for an outside intelligence (ghosties)

Clairaudience- used to hear what is "inaudible" to the regular human ear (super hearing)

Clairvoyance- ability to see what is hidden or far away

Clairsentience- insight or "knowing" of a forgotten fact

Divination- a broad term that includes fortune telling, precognition, prophesy and other methods used in an effort to predict the future

Dowsing- using water to locate lost items

Empathy- ability to channel and affect the feelings of others

E.S.P- Extra Sensory Perseption, awareness of information about events exteranl to the one using it that are not gained through the senses or deducible from previous experiences

Intuition- similar to clairsentience but it is pretty much knowing what is currently happening or the purpose of an event

Levitation- ability to float in mid-air or in some cases fly

Precognition- ability to see the future or know the general outcomes of the future

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