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In Chios Level II you were introduced to the practice of learning to view the aura. The aura, as you know, is composed of the seven layers, or higher bodies, which usually become successively more difficult to see as one proceeds to the higher, more refined layers. You began by viewing the first layer, the one that is closest to the surface of the body, and then opening yourself to the second layer, with its colors. As you began, you first used the intuition technique, with its alternation between active and receptive principles, as a learning tool to allow impressions to form in your mind that assisted you in gaining physical sight. This was effective at helping you to learn to see, because the aura is seen first with the mind?s eye, and then with the physical eyes. It is true, however, that ultimately there is a unity between intuitive and physical vision of the aura, and that the aura is actually seen with the physical eyes in conjunction with the mind?s eye. The two are really the same.

In Chios Level III you will again use this basic technique, but with some important additions and refinements. You will make one important addition to this technique that will assist you in learning to see the higher layers of aura: you will use a Chios symbol in color, from the basic progression, to ?be in? that color, and this will enable you to become more attuned to the corresponding layer of aura. You will, during the active phase of your practice, concentrate on the symbol in color as well as on the area around your subject?s body where the aura layer would be, and then release into the receptive phase and allow impressions to form in your mind?s eye, and eventually see the layer with your physical eyes. You will use an orange circle, for example, to make it easier to focus in on and see the 2nd layer (the emotional body). You will use a yellow circle to make it easier to see the 3rd layer (mental body), and so on.

A refinement to the basic intuition technique that you must also employ, when using this technique to learn to view the higher layers of aura, is to practice the ?active principle? phase of the technique in a more effortless way. In your practice of this technique during your last course you may have used some effort in the ?active principle? phase of the technique, when ?concentrating? upon the area around the body, before glancing away to allow impressions to form in your mind. This was necessary to begin to train your mind to stay on one object or area of awareness?to fix your gaze on the area around the body, for example. By this time, however, you should have become very used to this basic technique, and also have had substantial experience with visualization, and less effort should be necessary for you to concentrate on the area around the body, or on the correct Chios symbol in color.

In its true meaning, ?concentration? does not actually imply effort, but the ability to localize the awareness. In viewing the aura, for example, using the glancing technique, you should be able with little or no effort to localize your awareness for a brief instant on the area around your subject?s body, while at the same time effortlessly visualizing the necessary symbol from the basic progression, before glancing away and releasing into the receptive phase. It is also important to understand that as you become proficient in the intuition technique, you will no longer need to consciously go through the steps when using it. You will be able instinctively to obtain psychic information and ?see? the aura. The description of this technique, in terms of active and receptive phases, is simply a description and training aid; as your technique refines, you will no longer need to think of it in these terms.

During your practice in Chios Level II, you probably already began to see a light gray, light blue or colorless ?haze? surrounding the body. You are probably able to see this haze with your eyes and without using the glancing technique, given the proper environment and a ?soft? gaze. This is the first, or etheric layer, very close to the body surface. Continue your practice, as detailed in Chios Level II, and allow the colors to come. You may gaze at the shell around the body during the active phase, and then release, look away, and your mind may think blue! You may see disturbances that have a color, form and movement, but you will not see them as with the physical eyes. You may look back, and not see color with your physical eyes yet, but trust the perception?the impression will take shape in your mind?s eye if you allow it. Learn to trust these perceptions, and you will realize that you have often seen more than you realized. You may, then, with your mind?s eye first, and then perhaps with the physical eyes, begin to detect the colors of the emotional body, which extends to several inches above the body surface. When you have begun to detect the colors, your are ready to employ the following additional technique to begin viewing the higher layers.

Viewing the Higher Layers:

Learning to view the higher layers of aura is a step-by-step process, one layer to the next. Each layer will probably be more difficult to see than the one preceding it. After beginning to view the colors or gaining good impression of them, begin to practice the following exercise for viewing the higher layers:

In an environment where the lighting is neither too bright nor too dim, and against a neutral-colored background, concentrate (localize your awareness) within the shell-shaped area around your subject?s body where the emotional body would be (within 4 to 5 inches of the body surface). Do not focus on the physical body, but sense the body yet negate it. Simultaneously visualize the orange circle (from the basic progression of symbols given earlier), using correct practice. You must, at the same time visualize the symbol in color, become the symbol in color, and also localize your awareness on this area in this specific way. Use your active mind in this way, for a brief moment, and then release, look away, and avert your eyes (still open) to another empty area of space off to the side.

Allow yourself to become aware of what your mind?s eye perceives. As you know from your practice of visualization, your mind?s eye can perceive even with your physical eyes looking upon something entirely different at the same time. What do you see in your mind?s eye? Give yourself a brief moment for an impression to form. Repeat the glance again, and look away, and repeat again over and over, releasing yourself to whatever your mind?s eye may perceive in the receptive phase. It is with this repeated glancing, using proper practice, that an impression will form in your mind?s eye, and it will require repeated practice for more than a general impression to form. As has been described, it is a bit like looking into a room, briefly, and then looking away ? after some number of rapid glances, you will begin to get an impression of the room, and notice more and more detail. You should realize that the impression you get may not immediately register to your conscious mind?the gaining of an impression begins as a ?subconscious? process, a collection of impressions.

What do you ?see? in your mind?s eye? When you do get some impression of colors or patterns, bring your gaze (still in receptive, ?soft? phase), back to your subject?s body, and see if your physical eyes will begin to register anything of the impression in your mind?s eye. Gaze at the area around the patient?s body, the open space surrounding the area near the body surface (where the particular layer of aura should be) with a de-focused and very diffuse gaze (especially for the higher layers). Can you see any hint of what your mind?s eye perceived?

After you have gained a good impression in your mind?s eye of the 2nd layer, and after you have begun to see that layer, it is time to try to view the next layer up. Each layer will extend to a level of approximately 4 to 5 inches above the maximum extent of the previous one. As you employ the technique above, you will therefore visualize the shell-shaped area around the body (sensing the body, yet negating it) up to whatever layer level you are attempting to see?the layer will exist at the surface of the body up to and including the upper limit. To begin to see the 3rd layer of aura, the mental body, for example:

Visualize the yellow circle and the shell-shaped area from the body up to about 8 to 10 inches above the surface, and then glance away into the receptive phase to allow impressions to form in your mind?s eye. Then look back, with your physical eyes in a very relaxed and de-focused gaze, to attempt to confirm your impressions.

After gaining some view of the 3rd layer, you can proceed to attempt to gain some impression of the 4th layer, or astral body:

Visualize the green trine and the shell-shaped area up to and including a little over a foot above the body surface, glancing away in order to gain impressions in your mind?s eye, and then looking with your physical eyes (with a diffuse, de-focused gaze) at the area within a foot to a foot and a half above the body surface. Use a very relaxed and de-focused gaze, to attempt to confirm your impressions. After gaining some view of the 4th layer, continue with this same technique to the higher layers.

As you move to higher layers, you will need to employ a slightly more and more de-focused gaze, and will also have to stand farther back from the body of your subject?up to six feet or more for the higher layers. Do not forget, also, that the layers interpenetrate?the phenomena you see in the astral body, for example, will show as phenomena at the body surface and then all the way out to a foot or so from the surface of the body, and may occupy the same area in space as phenomena at lower layers. It is not physical distance from the body alone that defines the layers, but differences in the energetic characteristics?different vibratory rates. Each layer corresponds to a different realm of the being of your subject?a realm that has its own characteristic vibration and unique nature.

This technique works because effective visualization of the colors, using the symbols, raises your vibratory rate so that the corresponding body?the corresponding layer?will come into view. When your vibratory rate is thus increased, you are able to send or sense energy on that level, you are ?in? that color and able to sense this layer of aura because you have raised you vibratory level to a point where you are able to perceive phenomena at this higher level. This technique will not only increase your ability to learn to view that layer, but will also ?highlight? that layer to your vision so that its contents may be seen more clearly, like a filter, although other layers may be seen at the same time. When practicing this effective technique for viewing the higher layers, however, do not think of it as a process of ?raising your vibratory rate,? simply sense and become the symbol in color and do not attach this mental interpretation to the process?to do so will inhibit and limit the effectiveness of this technique. Just ?be in? the color, using the proper symbol in color, and then seek to view the layer with a relaxed, de-focused and diffused gaze.

The Appearance of the Aura Layers and Phenomena Within Them:

Each layer has its own characteristics and general appearance, as you will see. The 1st layer will become visible, usually as a light blue or colorless layer, surrounding the surface of the body at a distance of one or two inches or so, which may deepen to a medium blue after some practice. You have almost certainly already seen this etheric layer during your practice of Chios Level II. This body also includes the energy pattern on the surface of and within the physical body?it is an energetic mirror of the structure of the physical body and is the pattern upon which it is based.

The 2nd layer of aura, or emotional body, is composed of clouds or areas of color?usually indefinable shapes of variable color and size. These multicolored clouds extend to 4 or 5 inches above the surface of the body and are usually in a condition of constant flow, change and movement. These moving colors usually have some correspondence to the psychological state of the patient and/or the life experience or the activity in which the patient is engaged. Impurities that may exist in the energetic functioning of this layer generally appear as discolored, muddied, smeared or streaked colors or patterns which are unhealthy-looking.

Generally speaking, colored energies appearing in the 2nd layer (and in the other layers of aura) that are bright, clear and that have a sense of ?health? to them represent healthy aspects of the operation of the energy field?aspects related to the character and personality of the individual. Healthy colors will be appealing and appear vibrant and radiant. Harmful or unhealthy auric phenomena will have a discolored, muddied, smeared or streaked appearance, and the color will be unappealing?it will seem, feel and look unhealthy. These unhealthy energies are ill conditions?energetic defects which can result from depressed functioning of the energy field or from unhealthy influences which have spread from other aura layers or from chakras.

Often you will find that a patient with disease or unhealthy conditions will show colored energies that are a dark brown or brownish red or, if less pronounced, this brown will appear as a very dusty yellow. Black energies, or, if the black influence is less pronounced, a dirty gray or dirty silver color, are also often present. These diseased colors will infuse into healthy colors?making them appear unwell?or will streak, smear or discolor these regions. Such diseased colors look unwell. The intensity with which these unhealthy and unappealing colors appear is an indicator of the degree of sickness of the individual?the more intense and easily noticeable the ill-appearing colors are, the more detrimental the energies have become to the patient?s energetic health.

The 3rd layer of aura, or mental body, primarily appears yellow in color, to the eye. In actuality, it is not composed of yellow light but has a radiance which makes it appear light yellow or golden. This layer does not have clouds of color, like the 2nd layer, but has a shell-like shape, similar to the shape of the body yet less-defined, which exists about 8 to 10 inches from the body surface. This layer, like the 1st layer, also exists as an energy pattern which exists on and in the physical body, and which mirrors it. Impurities in this layer are indicated by the same sort of darkened, discolored, smeared or streaked colors which have been described as under the 2nd layer, but these colors are very light and fine?they are barely noticeable in the light yellow-gold radiance of this layer. This 3rd layer often displays some of the same colors as the 2nd layer, and yet these colors are very fine and light, and the light yellow-gold radiance that shines through all makes them more difficult to see.

The 4th layer of aura, or astral body, is similar to the 2nd layer, in that it is composed of multicolored clouds. The colors in these areas or clouds are finer, paler and lighter, however?they are dimmer and harder to see?and they exist in an area up to and including approximately a foot to a foot and a half above the surface of the body. These multicolored clouds, like those of the 2nd layer, are always in motion, and are similarly connected to the psychology and life experience of the subject. Impurities in this layer present themselves as unhealthy-looking discolored, muddied, smeared or streaked colors or patterns, as have been described above. Because this layer and its colors are lighter, however, impurities will generally appear lighter and finer to the eye.

The 5th layer of aura, or etheric template body, primarily appears as a deep blue radiance to the eye, a radiance that is not as bright, however as that of the 3rd layer. It has an overall shape that is like an eggshell, although it is not as large nor wide an eggshell shape as the 7th layer, existing at a level of perhaps two feet above the body surface. This layer also, like the 1st and 3rd layers, exists as a pattern that mirrors the surface and inner structure of the physical body. This layer is a vibrational mirror for levels above and below?its eggshell shape mirrors the vibrational structure of the 7th layer, and its body-like structure, as a higher vibrational template for the physical body, mirrors the physical body. Impurities in this body exist, not as darkened or sullied colors, but as disturbances of vibration. They are not of the nature of variations in radiance or subtle color hues therein (as in the 3rd layer), nor are they textural changes in the quality of light (as in the 7th layer, described below), but are vibrational disturbances particular to this layer which you will sense in a manner analogous to a sound or feeling that is disharmonious and is expressed as a disturbance in the pitch of vibration.

The 6th layer of aura, or cosmic or celestial body, appears as multicolored softly flowing streams and soft streaks of light emanating from the center of the body in all directions. This layer has no clouds of color, nor eggshell or bodily shapes, but only consists of these streams and gentle streaks alone. Impurities in this layer are indicated by discolored, muddied, smeared or streaked regions or infused areas within these multicolored streams, but such impurities are very difficult to see?they are usually quite dim and not always visible.

The 7th layer of aura, or ketheric body, appears as a fine, transparent eggshell, with a soft glowing light that may appear bright or golden to your psychic sight and your eyes. This layer is approximately three feet, or a little more, from the body surface, and, although appearing as bright or golden light, is actually composed of a light that contains all the colors in its true nature. Impurities in this layer manifest as spots, zones or areas which display a change in texture?not any significant change in the color or intensity of the light of the shell, but a roughness and a change in the quality of the light of the shell. The 7th layer of aura and the manner of treating it will be described in more detail later, in the section on 7th layer healing.

Work your way up, from one layer to the next, to bring all the layers into view. This will take time and practice. At first, it is normal to begin to see only the first few layers with the physical eyes. You may, however, begin to get intuitive impression of the appearance of whatever higher layer you are attempting to view, prior to getting visual confirmation of it with your physical eyes. This intuitive impression will nevertheless be very useful in your healing work. It may take years of practice to gain a physical view of all seven layers of aura.

As you begin to learn to see the aura, the overall appearance of that you are able to detect may be one color predominantly, but as your practice progresses you will begin to see many colors interspersed. As you advance in your practice you will see several layers outward, each layer displaying a different shade or shades, almost in the shades of a rainbow, and these will be very fine perceptions. You might, therefore, perceive an individual?s aura and say at first glance that it appears blue, and then notice bands of green in one area, and streaks of red and yellow in another, and as your perception of the layers refines you will see the rainbow of layers outward from the body and it will be difficult to say where your first overall perception of blue had come from.

In your treatments, you may perform your viewing of the aura and its levels immediately after your intuitive reading of the auric field, or instead of it, depending on what is best for you. If you perform both techniques, remember that they are not really separate techniques, but that you are proceeding through a continuous method of learning to sense, and of gaining and progressively refining information regarding the health of your patient. It is good to eventually acquire the ability to see the aura and its levels directly with the physical eyes. You may practice seeing the aura not only with your patients during scheduled treatments, but also throughout the day, as well, using the glancing technique. Often practice at random intervals throughout the day, instead of a disciplined regimen, is the most effective approach of all at learning to see the aura. This approach is highly recommended.

It is also wise to employ the intuition/aura viewing perception at various places during your treatment, as required. This may be done all over the body, or you may focus on certain regions of interest. As an aid to learning, it is wise to attempt to view with the eyes that which is sensed intuitively in the field.

Interpreting the Meaning of Phenomena in the Higher Auric Layers:

When viewing the aura prior to treatment, you will also find it helpful to ask for information on the meaning of the phenomena that are sensed in the layers; that is, to do an intuitive reading requesting further information on whatever phenomena you experience in the aura. This is especially important when you encounter impurities on the various layers. You may get information, for example, on disease conditions (either currently manifesting or conditions which could manifest in the future as a result of energetic conditions present). You may get information pertaining to present or past life experiences which correlate to phenomena in the aura, psychological issues in the patient which correlate with the phenomena, how the impurities or other phenomena relate to conditions on the other layers, etc. All of these will be helpful to you as you plan the course of treatment and work with your patient.

Seeking to obtain this information, in the form of pictures, sounds, a ?felt sense,? or in other forms of information or guidance, will greatly increase your knowledge of your patient?s condition. It is possible to learn to ?see? all these things, as you view the aura?your focus upon whatever energetic phenomena you are evaluating serving to localize your awareness, and then place you into a state of receptivity whereby these pictures or other forms of information occur as you view. Your consciousness, ?tuned? to the higher vibratory levels, is able to access this information?to sense emotions, view thoughtforms, or ?see? important past life experiences. You will see structures, moving patterns of energy and impurities within the field, and learn to ?see? pictures or otherwise receive further information on them, at the same time.

It should be noted that, as you proceed to higher layers of aura, the fourth and beyond, it will not only become more difficult to see these higher, more refined, levels, but will also be more difficult to ?understand,? with words or ideas, what you may be seeing. While sensing the second or third layers of aura, for example, might result in seeing emotions or thoughtforms which inform you of their origin within the patient?s psychology, sensing the fifth or sixth layer may not result in information which allows you to ?put a finger on? the meaning or source of whatever energetic phenomena are observed. Although the ?cause? of these higher energetic phenomena may not be understood with words, it is nevertheless possible for the healer to get some sense of the meaning of whatever is perceived on these higher, more spiritual levels, as well as what relationship it may bear to structures on the lower levels of the patient?s being?an understanding will emerge in your awareness, at a deeper level.

As you work to perceive these higher layers, and their meanings, the layers and the phenomena within them are sensed more in a ?felt sense? way?in the same way that sounds at lower frequencies can easily be heard and understood and then as the frequency is raised to near and somewhat beyond the perceptual range of the human ear the sound is actually ?felt? slightly?so will your perception become more delicate and refined as the higher levels are sensed. The vibration shifts to a progressively higher level, as one ascends to perception of the higher bodies, and becomes finer and less discernible to living human beings?it becomes a finer vibration, with finer perceptions. Perception, understanding and treatment of phenomena on the lower layers of aura deal with grosser distortions of energy in the auric field layers, but perception and understanding of energies on the higher layers involves a finer and more delicate perception and understanding?one that takes place in the higher awareness. It is important to understand, however, that these delicate energetic phenomena on the higher layers are vitally important, and have an all-pervasive meaning and influence on the patient and upon all lower layers of the energy field.

Much has been written about color in the aura?that is, the supposed meaning of certain colors as they appear. While it is true that sometimes certain colors mean certain things, in practice there is no set and reliable system of interpretation for these colors, as they appear on different layers and in different locations in the energy field?they often mean different things. It is suggested, though, that when certain colors appear within the energy patterns of the aura that you sense are important, that you ask for information on the meaning of the colors. Information, in the form of pictures, sounds, a ?felt sense? or in other ways, will often inform the healer of the meaning of certain colors, as they are observed, and also provide details regarding the source of the phenomena. Usually it is not the color itself, but the purity, tone, hue and brightness of the various colors which appear that holds importance.

To see the aura in its entirety, with the physical eyes, will take a great deal of time. Begin to see the aura intuitively, with the mind?s eye, and you will detect everything that you imagine you should see with the eyes, and you will also begin to get a real understanding of the meaning of what you see. There is no difference between seeing intuitively and seeing with the eyes, nor between sensing the aura layers and knowing the meaning and significance of what is on them?all are part of the same unitary process of holistic perception. Release your notion of what seeing and feeling is like and you will be able to see and feel. Complete release and openness is the key to achieving perception and knowledge of the aura and its layers?you must be as one floating on water.

Healing Treatment as a Process of Conscious Restoration of the Health and Integrity of the Energy Field?The Principle of Healing:

In your examination of the aura and its levels, you visualize, ?see? in your mind?s eye, these levels and the phenomena and impurities on them. This is not merely a process of viewing with the physical eyes, but especially a process of conscious awareness?the aura levels, and the phenomena and impurities on them, like all perceptions of the healer, are seen first and foremost with the deeper awareness and entire being, although physical vision usually follows, at some point. The mere act of attempting to see certain levels of the aura, for example, establishes some deep awareness of conditions upon them, even if this information does not immediately become available to the conscious mind or is not confirmed with the physical eyes.

The purpose of healing treatment that follows such an examination is to remove impurities and unhealthy energetic phenomena from the energy field. While it is true that this is done through the use of specific healing techniques, it is not these tools that heal?it is the consciousness of the healer that heals, through these tools. The healer, when examining the patient prior to treatment (and while performing treatment, also), does so for the purpose of acquiring a deep and complete sense of the patient?s condition. This deep sense of the state of the patient, in all aspects, is then employed, through the tools, to heal.

In your examination of the patient?s aura levels you begin to acquire an understanding of the patient?s condition. The act of beginning to examine the layers, whether or not you are able to see all of them, gave you this understanding. During your examination of the layers, and the impurities and unhealthy energies that may exist upon them, you should visualize these areas in your mind: allow a visualized sense of each layer to emerge in your being and notice which are in need of correcting and in what way. As you do so, see, intend and sense the layers restored to health?visualize the layers which need healing restored to a healthy state. This is actually a single process?a process of noticing impurities and defects and then visualizing restoration and correctness, all of which is performed with the entire being and the entire conscious awareness, through visualization. This process establishes a link between healer and patient, establishes a visualization of energetic health which is then effected during healing, and therefore lends greater effect to the healing power of the specific techniques which are performed.

You will, for example, examine a patient who has impurities on a certain layer, perhaps the 4th, which consist of blackened yellow or reddish-yellow streaks that appear unwell. You may also have detected, on the 5th layer, disturbances in vibration in the structure. You will, as you examine these layers, see these conditions and visualize these conditions correcting?you will ?see? the blackened yellow or reddish-yellow streaks in the colors healed such that the colors return to a healthy hue. You will similarly ?see? the vibrational disturbances correct to a smooth, harmonious state. You will then treat your patient, using techniques which have an effect on these layers (techniques which often treat layers of aura and also chakras at the same time). Your deeper awareness and link with your patient will lend greater power to the healing, and this awareness may not merely have greater effect in this way, but may also be referred to during treatment using specific techniques.

The overall deep understanding of the patient and his or her condition that the healer develops before and during treatment does not merely act to promote healing through the overall intention of the healer, but the healer?s awareness may return and be aware of specific energy field distortions and impurities, while treating that portion of the energy field. You will for example, find that an awareness of impurities you detected on the 4th layer of aura during your initial examination of your patient will linger in your awareness, and that when you are later treating this layer of aura using a technique which you will learn to treat the 4th chakra and this layer together, this awareness and visualization will be acting in concert with the technique you employ. You will treat this layer of aura using a particular technique, and yet also have a remnant awareness of unhealthy conditions to be corrected?a persistence of visualization of the conditions existing on the layer and those conditions returning to a state of health, while you perform the technique.

This approach to healing and this effect in healing is not limited to the layers of aura. Your treatment of the chakras, also, works upon this principle, as does every aspect of treatment. Healing is the act of holistically sensing the condition of the patient, in all aspects, and visualizing the energy field and its phenomena, with the entire being, seeing it healed and restored to health, in general and as the various portions of the healing treatment are performed. The healing passes from healer to patient at a deeper level, yet is also expressed in all the specific techniques employed. This is the fundamental principle of healing.

?1994, 2000 Stephen H. Barrett

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