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an esabbat ritual done around "Easter"


-Attune to the festival, wearing on the robe or in the hair some leaves and flowers according to taste.Bring a few leaves or twigs from tree or more trees, and a handful of fresh tree seeds or nuts. If possible, this ritual should be held in the forest, neer an open area wich needs new trees. If conditions dictate that the rite be held indoors, plan an outing to such a forested area to follow very soon after the ritual... imediatly if possible.

A cauldron or similar vessels should be place or hung at the center of the area. Fill it part way with fresh water, and add a little saltpeter; sat a fire beneath it. If some food and drink are brought, place those items nearby.

* 1) Stand to the West of the cauldron, facing East, when feeling that the rite sould begin. Hold the wand out with the right hand, over the cauldron and invoke:

? ? Goddess of the Earth, Be with me now in your aspect As Maiden of the forest... The fair one who brings Joy and new life... To break the winter's stilness And silence.?

* 2)Rap once upon the cauldron with the wand.

? ? laughing God of the Greenwoods With your pipes and cloven hooves, Shepeard of creatures free and wild, Come nearby, and with your warmth Let life be born anew.?

* 3)Rap once around the cauldron with the wand. Then drop in the twigs and leaves, one at the time, saying:

? May the strength of the old Enter into the new And life arise once more. ? Great Ones of the forest Make this potion strong And giving one new life. Blessed Be ?

* 4)Take the cauldron off the flame and let it cool. Over the food, say a short blessing of thanks to the Goddess, and parteke of it. When finished and that the cauldron as cooled, take some or all of the liquid within and walk to the place witch has been chosen to plant the trees. At each place, poke or dig the hole wit the wand, poor in some of the potion, and give a brief invocation to the Lady or to the Horned One when covering it. When done, find a clearing within the forest and speak quietly to the Gods, thanking them and asking that the seeds grow swiftly. Then proclaim the ritual to be ended.

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