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This is a list of the various Archangels in Judaism, Christianity, and Gnosticism. If you are interested in learning more about them, make sure to check out our list of the 7 Archangels, lists of Lesser Known Archangels, or DM me through mail.

1. Michael (Who is like God?)

2. Gabriel (Power of God)

3. Raphael (Healing of God)

4. Uriel (Light/Fire of God)

5. Raguel (Justice/Vengeance of God)

6. Sariel (Prince of God) (Saraquel, Suriel)

7. Jeremiel (Hope of God) (Remiel, Ramiel)

8. Chamuel (Who Seeks God) (Camael)

9. Jophiel (Beauty of God) (Kepharel)

10. Zadkiel (Righteousness of God)

11. Haniel (Grace/Joy of God) (Anael)

12. Ariel (Lion/Lioness of God)

13. Azrael (Whom God Helps)

14. Raziel (Secret/Mysteries of God)

15. Metatron (Scribe of God)

16. Sandalphon

17. Tzaphkiel (Knowledge of God)

18. Selaphiel (Prayer of God)

19. Jehudiel (God is One)

20. Barachiel (Blessings of God) (Baraqiel)

21. Phanuel (Face of God) (Oriphiel)

22. Cassiel (Speed of God)

23. Salathiel (Unknown)

24. Ananiel (Rain/Storm of God)

25. Nuriel (Fire of the Lord)

26. Jehoel (Spirit of Fire)

27. Sachiel

28. Lailah (Night)

29. Seraphiel (Prince of the High Angelic Order)

30. Zachariel (God?s Command) (Zerachiel)

31. Hadraniel

32. Armozel (Harmozel)

33. Oriael (Oriel)

34. Daviethai

35. Eleleth (The Help of Gnostics)

36. Anathiel (God?s most loyal Angel)

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