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An introductory article on aspects of hedge witchcraft.


A small cottage sits on the border of a little village.

Months pass and the cottage sees little in the way of visitors.

The Summer leaves vibrate and wave to and fro in the light breeze.

There is a knock. Once. Twice. A rapping sound, frantic. A call.

" Are you home? I am in need of a remedy."

What is hedge witchcraft? I have heard hedge witchcraft described as a blend of green witchcraft, astral projection, and cottage witchcraft.

I have heard it described as a blend of green witchcraft, kitchen witchcraft, and cottage witchcraft.

My interpretation of it is different.

It uses both the magickal and medicinal properties of plants. At least that is the method of plant work I have used within my hedge witchcraft practice.

There is an intuitive quality to it. Journey work tends to be under taken. This need not exactly be astral projection. This can include remote viewing as a way of gathering information and meditative journeying and trance work.

It can be used to aid the home and family and loved ones.

Yet it does involve the community.

I find in many of the descriptions of hedge witchcraft about, there is neglect in mentioning one of this crafts main points.

Remedies and healing methods to bring relief to those in our community, our families, and ourselves.

Magic And Medicine

Here I begin with an example of how medicinal remedies are included within magickal practice in a way that associates it with witchcraft.

Take a magical oil for example. A recent oil I am working on is an oil for the intention of love. It includes Rose petals. Rose has long held symbolism related to love, relationships and depending on the color lust.

This rose used is a dark, almost vampiric red.

Used on the body for love, sex, or lust magic this oil can be adapted medicinally to add a level itself to the intention.

In this particular oil, rose as well as other skin safe botanicals added, help to soften skin and reduce acne.

When embracing, and becoming close soft appealing skin is a benefit and further entices the embrace.

This is an example of a medicinal remedy for magickal use. It enhances the magic and corresponds well with the intention.

I share below another remedy used magickally to give further understanding.

Strawberry leaf tea for self love and relief of menstrual pressure.

Strawberry too is associated with love, relationships, and care. Think of exchanging chocolate covered strawberries with an adored partner.

Strawberry leaf tea can help to relieve pressure and cramping caused by menstruation.

Coupled with loving properties, magic and medicine mix to form a hedge witch spell and remedy.

In my own practice of hedge witchcraft this method of using plants for both magickal and medicinal properties is common.

I have been a bit naive when younger. I thought all those whom practiced hedge craft did this. I thought this because it was always my understanding of hedge craft.

A very natural practice that involved journeying and blending the medicinal and magickal properties of herbs and plants.

When I suffered a cold and had what I needed available I'd whip up a calming tea spell that relieved sore throat.

A mix of chamomile and spearmint.

Hedge witchcraft has been a combination of magic and medicine for me for a very long while.

Flight Or The Journey

Journeying, astral travel, or remote perceiving is just as much an integral part of hedge craft as is plants and their medicine and magic.

Methods include astral projection, meditative journey or trance, and remote perceiving to gather information.

These methods can be accomplished with research, practice, and time put in as with anything that can be learned.

I will not be giving exercises here as this articles main focus is to discuss aspects of this path, rather than it is a step by step guide. Perhaps I will consider a series of exercise articles in the future.

Instead, here I give examples of the types of journeying I practice to give the reader a better idea of what can be considered forms of astral travel.

Meditative journeying

I entered a state of visual meditation. I came upon a tree. I know this tree well. It is an orange tree that has entered my meditative space before. I've sat beneath her numerous times on my journeys here.

I entered a hole in her trunk this day and climbed upward. Up I went along a case of stairs. I got then to the middle of the trunk and walked into a room. A small den like atmosphere. In the corner atop seating and leaning against two small pillows I see an old man. He comes forward into the middle of the room and places down a mortar filled with water. He casts some type of plant or flower into the water and points. I look into the mortar and witness a series of images pertaining to current thoughts and interests that, in my absent mind, I had forgotten about.

This example is telling. The series of images seen in the water filled mortar were thoughts that were within my subconscious mind below the surface. I had completely forgotten about them, yet the visual trance work brought them back to the foreground.

This same visual exercise can be practiced by the reader, however I suggest, keeping an open and non expectant mind while peering into the water. Simply relax and see if anything happens.

Try not to hold expectation.

Remote perceiving with precognition

At home I sat, bored. I had an urge to spend a bit having recently received pay. The thrift shop nearby was closed. Still I wondered if it would be worth a trip the next day. I had an idea. Why not see if I could remote view what could be in the shop? Tickled at the idea I figured I'd give it a try. What is the worst that would happen? I'd see something and it wouldn't be there.

I entered my usual trance pose, normally just to sit wherever I am, and I closed my eyes. I entered the shop through the front door. I was then feeling slightly overwhelmed. Things looked incredibly realistic. I began by visualizing things within the store as they usually are. I was hit with the small store baskets for shopping first. Settled there where they usually are directly across from the door.

I looked over to my left to view the shelf that stands there and began to view the items sitting upon it. The usual candle holders. Etc.

I began down the small hall remembering there tends to be artwork there as I had been wanting to find a witchy art piece.

There against the wall was a small image. A full moon adorned with the view of gnarled tree branches. The branches dark, upon the stark white of the full moon.

Excited I decided to make a trip the next day.

The outcome of this visit was disappointing.

The art piece of the moon eluded me.

A few months pass by.

My niece stops by after a long period of not seeing her.

We sit and chat and she is bored and wants to do something. We decide that since on that day the metaphysical shop is closed to check out this thrift shop, see what we can get up to.

We pay a visit. We are browsing. The shop is chaotic. We are checking out different areas and things, when I get the urge to enter the front room on the left. I am pulled. An employee is standing in the hall where the artwork is, blocking the entrance to the front room. I inch closer, and closer, but no movement. I decide then to circle round and give another look at the other items while I wait.

At last I make it to the room at the front. I begin to browse, I look at a spot on the wall featuring small art pieces. I stand there still. I become anxious wondering why it is I am just starting at this spot on the wall. I look downwards becoming self conscious and there! There it is. A small handpainted canvas piece featuring the full moon in her glory obscured by dark, gnarled branches.

At check out the owner comments on it.

"That is really pretty." She said. Then "Lucky you were able to get it. I was actually about to hang it up before you came in."

Remote viewing is my favorite and is generally my preferred form of astral travel.


I have seen hedge witchcraft described in many different ways and combinations as of late and the only real conclusion I can come to personally is that all of them can be accurate.

There is a slim chance you will find any four hedge witches practicing the same thing.

Many paths contain those personal methods, techniques, beliefs, and elements.

Hedge witchcraft is no different.

My journey methods may not be the same as another's and what each and every one of us sees will be different.

My herbal mixes, oils, and teas may not look like another's.

This is alright and dare I say preferred.

These are the elements that make our practices our own.

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