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To Bring Love.

This can be used to strengthen the existing bonds of love between you and a significant other, or as a way to help spark up a relationship with someone dear to you. 

Items Needed:

  • Red Ribbon
  • A pink or white flower vase.
  • 12 red carnations. - Red carnations symbolize love and affection; tending to be cheaper in price than red roses. 
  • Matches or lighter
  • Red, Votive Candle
  • Rose Oil

Cleanse the vase before use by passing it through incense smoke. I personally use sandalwood for this, however, sage will also work. Carefully place the red carnations into the vase one at a time. As you do this, focus on each one strengthening the connection you have with the recipient. When you place the last one into the vase, tie the red ribbon around it and visualize it sealing your desire and magic into the vase and flowers.

Anoint your candle with the rose oil and rub it between both of your palms. Say a small chant or phrase associated with that you want to achieve (be it love, affection, or friendship). Light your candle and continue to chant and focus on your intent. Once the candle has burned out, bury the remains.

You may now take your bouquet of flowers to your recipient. 

This is meant to give a gentle nudge, not to force somene to love you, please keep that in mind. 

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