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Pact with demon can remove so many problems from your life. Do it once, happy forever.

First of all, let me tell you all people who think that demons are bad, are wrong. Not All demons are good,not all demons are bad. Demons are not your slave. They will work for you, if they pleased because of your ritual, if you are loyal to them, if you offer correct items to them.

For each demons candles, rituals items,ritual days are different.

Each demon has specific ability. One demon can't do all the things.

For Example- If you want to learn Magic,,Demon King Paimon can help you , if you invoke Demon Buer instead of King paimon he can't help. Because Buer speciality is to cure diseases, not teaching or improving magical power.

Enough for today, If Lord Satan keeps me healthy i will come back with more episodes about that.

If you want to hire me to make a pact with demon on behalf of you, contact me on Telegram:-

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