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All about what and who the daughters of Lilith are

"Daughter of Lilith" is a jewish term, formerly meaning witches. But modernly it translates down to devotees of Lilith, or witches who closely work with Lilith.

Those known as daughters of Lilith possess a very strong sexual, sultry, and powerful energy. Similar to daughters of Aphrodite, but darker in nature.

Daughters of lilith tend to embody the energy of a siren, succubus, or temptress. They typically practice the left hand path and are in touch with their dark feminine. Their spells and rituals include sex magic, mirror divination, glamour magic, attraction magic, and karma/revenge magic.

Do not underestimate a daughter of lilith, they are captivating and powerful witches who can pull you in with just a glance. These women are feminine and are often very female-empowered in nature, and sometimes intend to cause harm to men they deem bad. You will be able to tell that a witch is a daughter of lilith through her sexual and sultry demanor, or by her craft.

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