Prayer to Goddess Shekinah the Divine Feminine Presence

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This is a prayer to Shekhina, The Presence of God, to strengthen your faith and heal many aspects of your life.

Oh Shekinah,

Divine Feminine Presence, Soul of God, Divine Mate of En Sof, Grant me your graceful presence. I praise your willingness and bravery to withdraw from the One so that we might be created.

I give thanks to you for being Here with us Now and Always, until that day comes when we all reunite with the Creator.

Thank you for your selfless service to us, your children, and to the Creator, in coming down into this world so that all might come to be.

And, Thank you for molding and shaping me into the vessel that I am, so that God?s Light may find unique expression in and through me.

Help me to have the Faith that, even though I may feel separate and alone at times, God?s Light is ever present, God?s Love is endlessly given, and is always Forgiving and Accepting.

Grant me the insight to know that, through the blessing of your presence, reunion with God is near at hand, in any moment in the Here and Now.

Bless me with the patience and discipline to sit in stillness and silent waiting.

Grace me with your peaceful quiet. Teach me to Understand and harness the cycles of Nature and of Time.

Show me how to create and hold the space, within which the Miracles of the One Thing may manifest by the mediation of the One Mind through me.

Be with me as I conceive a new self within and give birth to my life in the world.Help me to appreciate the labor that is required to bring forth such wondrous creations.

Shape me into an apt vessel that I may be filled with your presence and so that the Light of Creator will flow through me.

Help me to master my own soul so that the Spirit of God may come down and unite with you, His Divine Mistress.

Oh, that I may serve as a bridge for your union with the Creator.

Help me to revere the silence and to quiet my mind, so that I may hear the whispers of Love and Passion between you and the beloved Creator.

Share with me your longing, your burning desire for union with Him.

Let this union take place in my own heart to repair the fragments of my soul and make me whole once more.

Fill me with your Beauty and Grace, your Silence and Peace, your Strength and Courage, your Understanding and Acceptance, your Openness and Receptivity.

Bless me with your ability to hold the light and give it expression in the world of form.

Purify the dross of my being, so that the Flame of the One may move upon the waters of my Quiet Pond and transform me into the Stone of the Wise.


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