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About a green witch

(If i make any mistakes in this article. Please correct me) Green witch someone who follows the green witchcraft is deeply connected with the greens surrounding them. And interact with the energy of their environment. They are connected with the nature,earth. Whether it be plants,trees, flowers, seeds ect they study and learn more about what is around them, aswell as see a magickal use in them/seeking the magic within the green beings. They respect the nature and work with the cycles of the seasons,They do this to be as close to Mother Earth. Green witches can also be called, ''Garden witch'' or ''forest witch''. Some other types of witches that are similar to a green witch are a kitchen witch, hedge witch(hedge witches are very similar but they don't solely focus on the nature). If you think Green witchcraft is what you want to follow, or if you feel deeply connected with the nature and you think this is perfect for you. Then you can perfectly start off by reading some books, studying some herbs. Of course green witchcraft should also be connected by you're emotions so try to step outside a bit more. And pay attention to the world around you. You will slowly realize what this means for you, and see the world a little bit different.Maybe you will find another part of you... ? I'm at the point where going forward is easier than going back. ― Alice Hoffman , Green Witch

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