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This is a list of the different types of faeries found in nature. https://www.academia.edu/20375833/faery_magick_book?pop_sutd=false

Take nothing for granted and make no presumptions when engaging the more positive types of these magickal beings.Completely avoid the negative and deadly forms of faeries.


These are Water faeries who float around on bubbles and hate fish. During a full moon,they come on land to dance and play. They are not particularly friendly.

Amadan Dubh:

This is a particularly dangerous type of faery that is greatly feared among the Gaels.They are known as the ?fairy fools,? and the bringers of madness and oblivion. They play faery enchantments on their reed pipes on hilly slopes and precipices after sunset.


: The name ?banshee? means a woman of the faery. It corresponds to the ?Fear Sidhe? or faeryman. The wild banshee wanders through the woods and over the moors at dusk, and some-times lures travelers to their death. Banshee can also travel at will to great distances. Appearing in tattered gray clothes, they are basically asociable faeries who have become solitary through sadness and grief. They are the honor-able ancestral faery women of the old clans of Ireland, who are heard, but rarely seen. They wail a blood-curdling lament just before misfortune, illness, or death occurs in their ancestral families. Their wail can kill or instantly age mortals who hear it. Banshee also avenge the death of their descendants. They generally ap-pear either as beautiful maidens or gruesome crones. Salt water and silver can harm them.

Bendith Y Mamau:

They have the ill disposition and ugly appearance of goblins, but the glamour of the faeries. Living in underground caverns, they don?t care very much for mortals and they have


Types of Faeries

been know to steal cattle and children, to kill farm animals, and to break important tools.

Billy Blin:

A household familiar who is popularized in English and Scottish songs.


They are known for breaking things and making trouble, but seldom do serious harm. Most old homes have a boggart. The supernatural boggartis sly, annoying, mischievous, and a prankster. They pull the covers from sleeping mortals, rap or pound on the door at odd times, or rearrange the furniture at night when you are sleeping.


They are from 1 to 2 ft. tall and are scattered throughout the highlands and low lands of Scotland as well as the northern counties of England. They have brown, wizened faces and hair growing all over their body, so they don?t need to wear clothes (although sometimes they are seen wearing brown cloaks with hoods). As household faeries, they do unfinished jobs such as mowing, threshing, caring for the laying hens, and tending the sheep and cattle. They bring good luck to a family, providing thatthe family treats the brownie well. Browniesalso love animals and will take care of thehousehold pets. They adore gifts of food anddrink such as milk and honey cakes, but abhorgifts and wages.


are the Scottish version of brownies.


Residing in Cornwall, they are magickal beings that inhabit mines. Also called tin mine demons,they are the wind goblins that foretell shipwrecks.


This is a sort of Welsh version of a brownie,but a more particular one. They can be great help around the house, but if offended they can become harmful, throwing things around the house, spoiling the milk, and ruining the beer.


Naked, they ride about on chickens.They live in troops and are zealous in their celebrations of Yule. A mischievous goblin that resides in chimney sand peeks out at children, scolding them when they are bad.


Residing in southwest Ireland, they are renowned drunkards who both guard and raid wine cellars. The Clurichaun sing in Gaelic and have beautiful, magickal voices.


These ?elven steeds? appear as tall, thin, white or silvery horses who live in the forest and are always in the company of elves. As shapeshifters,the coomlaen can take the shape of their desires, but must return to the shape of a horse once during each day for at least six hours.They are fiercely devoted to one rider at a time and the bond lasts for the lifetime of the rider.The two communicate telepathically. Because the Coomlaen defends its rider, in order to befriend a coomlaen you must first befriend its rider. Coomlaens adore gifts of apples and honeysuckle.Iron is harmful to the coomlaen.


Also known as the ?elfin hound,? they live in the forest and appear as large, silver-furred wolves that move quickly with the grace of a large cat. The cooshie stay with their elfin masters, and have heightened senses, including knowing when there is any magickal, spiritual,or physical presence in their territory. Like elves and coomlaens, they have an aversion to iron. Cooshies can heal sick or injured travelers and calm troubled minds and hearts.


Types of Faeries


From Brittany and Cornwall, they live inthe woods, near streams. Corrigans are winged faeries who like to play pranks,such as stealing human babies and replacing them with changelings.

Fairy People:

The immortal polytheistic group of goddesses and gods of Pagan Ireland who merged with the land, these are the cream of the crop of faeries that form a faery nation. They appear in human form, dressed in green, and are called the peaceful faeries. They preside over the faery kingdom, play sweet music, dance,ride milk-white faery horses, and are generally accompanied by their faery hounds.


They are happy, friendly, and playful wood nymphs who live in and take care of the trees.They are born of the same seed as the place they live. Dryads are the color of tree bark or leaves and their dark green hair is extremely long and flows about them. They can disappear by stepping into a tree, as if stepping into a dimensional door. Sometimes their skin is dappled like a tree trunk. Dryads are usually very charming, sing beautifully, and particularly like willow and oak trees. Damaging a dryad?s tree harms the dryad as well, but the dryad can defend its tree by creating storms and lightning.


Both male and female, dwarfs are usually from 3 to 5 ft. tall, with broad shoulders, large muscles,long arms, stumpy legs, and lots of facial hair.They are quick tempered, loyal, and immune to physical damage. Working with Earth, Fire, and stone, they are found underground under mountains and hills where they mine metals and gems,especially copper. Their craftsmanship is unmatched

in the mortal world. They adore gifts of both precious metals and gems.


They are the Highland water horses known for being fierce and dangerous.They have the ability to shift into the shape of young, hand-some men.


According to Norse mythology, elves and dwarves are created in the time before humans from the body of Ymir, the giant. Inhabiting one of the upper worlds, and often found in Natural settings such as woodlands and forests, elves are somewhere between mortal and divine.Originally between 5 and 7 ft. tall, they were thin, strong, flexible, and quick. Their hair was usually red, blond, or light brown, and they had cat-like ears. Their cat-like eyes are green,blue, silver, or gold with slitted pupils. Through time, the elves became Elemental spirits of the land, sea, and forest, who are sometimes portrayed as small, good-natured creatures with brown skin and delicate features. Iron does not kill elves, but it can injure them. They adore gifts of quartz crystal, pearl, moonstone,and silver.


The Manx name for the faeries, also known as the ?sleigh beggey.?

Red Men:

Also known as the ?fear darrig? or the ?red men,? they are a mischievous, rare breed of faisY,whThedrissinredandhe hasandredhe hasand.Their only interest seems to revolve around playing practical jokes on humans.




Also known as a love faery,the ganconer is a leprechaun-type faery who appears as an incredibly handsome young male.

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