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I?ve seen several articles on black magick so I am going to give my own view on it.

While there isn't exactly a concreted color assignment to certain spells, practitioners typically refer to a spell as black or dark if the castor is influencing the will or harming another person. There are some whom refuse to work in any magick that does this as they believe the force will come back 3 fold  , while I've never experienced the come back myself it is possible for it to happen. And any evidence I myself have seen of it has been anecdotal and this belief is rooted back in the early 1900's practice called the Gardnerian Wicca. 

If you go beyond your limits there can be dire consequences and exhaustion is common due to the high emotional energies needed for manifestation, but I've never heard about anyone dying as a direct result. Any negative consequences are likely due to improper of direction of you lr intentions, so instead of casting towards your intended target the energy remains with the caster or an unintended target, causing whatever maladies to affect them until cleansed. It's important that you maintain precise focus during manifestation, your ritual tools, god/goddess and the ritual itself can assist you in properly setting and maintaining your intention. 

For these reasons Black Magick spells can be potentially dangerous for the inexperienced and you should always cast a protection spell and a circle. If something goes wrong take either a salt-water bath, smudge cleanse or shower and clean yourself with a salt scrub while asking your deity for protection against whatever forces you have brought upon yourself. 


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Jul 09, 2022
This requires an edit. It is personal opinion and not factual. Magik is not colour, it is intention. Magik is neutral and the casters energy gives it a positive or negative charge depending on the casting in question. The term ''black magic'' is rooted in racism. It was a way to classify ''good'' and ''bad'' spells centuries ago. The church spoke against Magik but were fine with the medicine woman who used herbs to heal the sick. When they began arriving in cultures who cast spells, they had to frame it as a moral failing. The majority of spells and paths viewed as ''black magic'' have African and Caribbean roots. Gerald Gardner founded Wicca in the 1950's and stole the concept of the rule of three from Karma. The Rede was from Aleister Crowley. The Threefold Law has infected a lot of modern witchcraft and many do not understand it either. The Threefold law is not a universal law, it is specifically Wiccan. It is one of the key tenets of the Wiccan path. It is not a rule of witchcraft. You could use it in your path, but it is not true for all. This goes back to Magik being neutral and the witches energy gives it a charge. A curse can be viewed as justice or healing in the right light. The caster who uses a curse for justice would not be affected by the energy because they feel positive about their casting. I will agree this type of Magik has the potential to be dangerous, but so can any spell. Spells backfire. Spells are cast without the caster thinking them through. Spells can be flawed and turn on the witch. Protections like circles are like insurance. You do not wish to ever use it, but it is the safety net in case of emergency.

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