Pharaoh's Egyptian Zodiac Signs:

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Pharaoh?s Egyptian Zodiac Signs.

Shu(January 26 - February 24): Shu is the god of air. Those born under this sign are creative and conscientious. While they are usually successful, they are always afraid of failure which makes them hesitant.
Isis (February 25 - March 26): Isis is the goddess of discipline. Those born under this sign are straightforward, confident and idealistic. They do however get lost in thought often.
Osiris (March 27 - April 25): Osiris is the god of the underworld. Those born under this sign are full of emotional paradox and are misunderstood by others because of it. They are enterprising but shy away from responsibility.
Amun (April 26 - May 25): Amun is the god of creation. Those born under this sign are strong-willed, brave and wise. They make good leaders but can be quite intolerant.
Hathor (May 26 - June 24): Hathor is the goddess of love. Those born under this sign are emotional, expressive and charming. They are however prone to extreme emotional highs and lows.
Phoenix (June 25 - July 24): Phoenix is the bird of life and resurrection. Those born under this sign represent possibility, they are optimistic and flexible. This can cause them to be dreamy and introverted.
Anubis (July 25 - August 28): Anubis is the guardian of the underworld. Those born under this sign are self-confident and have a great ability for control and determination. They are very steady.
Thoth (August 29 - September 27): Thoth is the god of wisdom and learning. Those born under this sign have capable mental capacities for critical thinking and problem solving. They are however a bit impatient.
Horus (September 28 - October 27): Horus is the god of the sky. Those born under this sign are courageous risk-takers. They are go-getters and are self-motivated. They are however stubborn and sometimes impractical.
Wadget (October 28 - November 26): Wadget is the goddess of the royal cobra. Those born under this sign are rational, cautious, conscientious, opinionated, and have a tendency towards pessimism and suspicion.
Sekhmet (November 27 - December 26): Sekhmet is the goddess of war. Those born under this sign are optimistic and imaginative. They have a wide range of interests and skill and are resilient. But they can have a hot temper.
Sphinx (December 27 - January 25): Sphinx is the guardian. Those born under this sign are sensible, adaptable and highly disciplined individuals. They are usually serious underneath a light-hearted exterior.

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