create your own powers you want in real life

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this can really can help you to get and to gain powers whatever you want in real life

creating and gaining powers is really from inside of you but the first step is to mediate your chakras need to check in make sure to believe in yourself to make this to work with your heart desire of all times if you feel your heart and fill in tons of love to able to create more powers in your lives and make your chakras glow then it will feel sparkling and tingling to gain the powers you want 

Added to on Aug 10, 2020
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Feb 06, 2021
This is in need of an edit. Yes, meditation and balancing your chakras can help, but there are more ways, other techniques, and different practices that can aid you in working with energy. Calling it ''power'' however, makes me assume you are expect glowing orbs of energy to shoot from your hands, which is not what Real Magic is, simply fantasy malarkey.

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