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I would suggest cleaning after working with dark magicks.

Cleansing Ritual: I suggest cleansing after working with dark magicks in any capacity, this can be done in a variety of ways, the most common being smudging & water cleansing. Smudging is a ritual process using incense, usually sage, myrrh, or dragons blood. Water cleansing usually uses moon water, sea/salt water, or any other type of holy water. The water is sprinkled or sprayed onto whatever you are cleansing. You can cleanse anything with the smoke from sage. This is either done with a sage stick (smudge stick) or by burning sage in a incense burner. Sage has powerful cleansing properties and can be used to cleanse your home, altar space, jewelry, crystals, candles and any other ritual tool/object. Sage can also be used to cleanse yourself. Other common incense used for cleansing are myrrh and dragons' blood. To cleanse your home set your intention to cleanse and light your sage and allow it to burn out and smolder. Carry the sage throughout the house and allow the smoke to flow into the rooms, pay special attention to mirrors, hallways and other high traffic areas. As you do this you can say prayer to the goddess or an incantation to better focus your intention. To cleanse an object , do the same thing, set your intention and light your sage and run the object through the smoke. if the object is large take the sage and move it around the object letting the smoke envelope it. To cleanse yourself light your sage and allow it to burn out take the smoke with your hands and direct it around your body. "Wash" your hands, face, body, legs, etc. with the smoke. Do this with the intent of cleansing and purification.

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Jan 08, 2022
if i decide to use salt water do i need to do anything to the salt . or will regular salt work fine?

Jan 08, 2022
Personally, I bless salt and herbs when I get them, but you don't have to. You could use table salt and it'll be fine [I've used it before for cleansing with no issue] as long as you charge the salt water mix you'll be fine [you need to put in energy to do spells, so you need to set your intention to cleanse, otherwise you're just throwing salt water on stuff]

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