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How to write a spell.

Think of your spell. Some spells are harder to make than others, however. For example, summoning spells and the like are harder to make than stuff like illusions, which are relatively easy.

When your spell is formed in your head, write the steps, ingredients, and incantation(if one) down on a piece of paper. A pencil is highly unrecommended for spell-making.

Then fold it a few times. Hold it in your hand. Then picture the energy of nature seeping from the ground. Picture it swirling around your body, from your feet to your shoulders, to your arms, to your hands, to the paper. Imagine the energy flowing into the ink itself.

Then picture the energy from the air/the cosmos, swirling down to your feet. Picture it flow like before.

Note: You may feel your hands react during the process. This is normal, and shows that the ritual is working. If you don't feel it, rest for a day and then try again. Repeat until it either works or you give up.

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May 28, 2020
A fine attempt, however it does not explain how to write a spell, more how one can charge energy for a spell. It might need an edit to include more information and make it a little less vague, but a fine start.

May 29, 2020
Thanks! 😊

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