The Grateful Witch

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This Article is how acts of True Gratefulness cost us nothing but offers so much in return.

The Grateful Witch

Be Grateful....This is something we have been told since we were a child and most of us only say thank you to be polite, ask yourself how often do you mean it.  We should all be grateful for what we have, not looking at others with hateful eyes because they have something we want.

We are the children of the earth we should be thankful that we have not forgotten our connections to it, the energy and magic around us that guild our path and help us in our spell work, we have a lot to be grateful for. If we take the time to actually be grateful and give thanks to a person who help you with a project even if there part was small, to thank the ancestors for their guidance when you needed it you invite positive energy into your life you let others feel positive for there actions and feel worth something.
So many people feel unappreciated and ask them self what is the point of being nice, why should i help others if they don't even thank me for it, Yet it cost us nothing to say Thank you, you really helped me out, your a true friend, I really appreciate having you in my life.

When you are truly grateful and share it you will find the Universe will open more doors you way inviting good evperiances into your life that will help you reach your goals, The law of Attractions helps with this, say you are struggling with money and been struggling with home life and not its affecting your work is someone helps you out thank them tell them that there offer of a coffee is what will get you through this work load. maybe the next time a better job comes up your Bose will remember all the times you have should the workforce how thankful you are and because of it how the team respect your and offers you that job. it might not be your dream job yet but its a start  and that little bit of weight on your shoulders worrying about money will lift. but you can be thankful that you learn how to deal with that situation and will know how to move past it, the universe will see not only are you grateful for your new job but grateful that you learnt even in hard times your survived.

Something i do to help is a page in my Grimour where i write down on a little piece of paper things i am grateful for and add it to a little pocket, whenever i am grateful for something i not only say it i write it down and put it in the pocket.  Because anytime im feeling low i cal look though them and remember all the things i am grateful for. for example i was told i would never have children yet i fell pregnant with my son i am grateful he is here and than the universe blessed me with the chance to be a mother. I am grateful i meet my husband because he helped me open my eyes to the toxic environment i have surrounded my self in.

I recommend everyone has a page like this not only are your sharing that positivity with your book you are sharing it with the universe, taking the time to be grateful makes us humble and more mindful or our actions take a minuet to watch the tree's dance in the wind and be thankful that you were there it catch the moment and maybe the universe will grant you more.

I hope some of you find this helpful feel free to message me if you have any questions. all comments are welcome and if you have anything to share i am thankful you did.


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