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Name: TheaVirgo
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My name is Thearaya but most call me Thea a Welsh Witch, I am 24 years old and mother to my newborn son. I do not follow one path I am open minded but find my self drawn to the power of nature, the spirits, and the energy all around us. I am new to the practice and study of my path but I have wanted to make this a part of my life since I was 13. I have nothing to hide and am willing to chat to all pagans or magical people. I worship no God to me the earth is are mother, the Sun is are Father , the Moon is are Guardian. *Healing * Tarot card * foresight * Spiritual work * Chakra's and there use in healing * Healing magic * Blood Magic * Astral Projection * Meditation * Spirits, demons and others * The elements and there magic * Herbalism * Natures magic * Ancestral magic * Divination I'm an open book you can ask me my views on different types of magic, I find interest in all and accept all types of people. you can message me about anything. but word of warning i don't role-play and if you message me pretending to be something you are not then I'm afraid i will kindly ask you to stop. I am no Teacher and desire no Student at this time. ALSO IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 I don't mind answering question but please keep it PG or risk ether no message or a message saying how you should be asking or talking to people over the internet on the Subject. I am easy to please respect me and i will respect you.