Stregheria (Italian Folk Magic)

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This article is dedicated to the Italian culture of folk magic, its practices, and it uses.


The practice of Stregheria originated around the Roman regions of olden day Italy. The practice of Stregheria was indicated in folklore to be started from "The Mother of Lares" or Mautum Larum. Mautum Larum is the queen, or Goddess of Roman household deities called the Lar. The plural form of Lar is Lares. Lares as previously stated are household spirits or deities of Roman religious origin.

Magical Practice

The practice of Stregheria is a based on what in popular terms is Green, Kitchen, and Shamanic or Astral witchery. It was practiced using sticks, stones, sigils painted in ink, sketched in charcoal or chalk. Using certain consecrated tools the practitioner of Stregheria practiced witchcraft. A common form of divination in that magical culture was cartomancy and Oracle-like practices from the Gods, known as Lares.

Self Initiation

I am not from Italy or am Italian; as well as not being related to original Stregheria culture or traditional practices. I was taught Stregheria from research study and using shamanic magic or practices I already knew of to reach out and practice from the Lares. I feel that learning the name of the type of Deity or spirit will definitely help you or anyone in learning a new magical system or tradition. I also believe that not ever system uses a conscious spirit and even learning about types of energies will mostly and greatly help achieve thought.

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